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The Road to Bliss

I just returned from an amazing trip to Arizona to Sedona, Monument Valley, and Window Rock. I love this photo of me in bliss standing in the grandeur of Monument Valley. I had so many opportunities on this journey to be in bliss and to truly enjoy each moment. What...

Being a bridge of loving kindness

I imagine that if I created a circle and at the center were the words love and kindness and I asked people to step into the circle that believed in practicing love and kindness towards each other – I know that the majority of people would step in regardless of...

Nature – Time to Connect to You and Get Guidance

One of the best ways I have found to connect with myself and get answers around decisions to make and about a project that I am working on is to find time to be quiet in nature. I also found this to be a magic wand to help clients I work with as well.  So often when I...

Falling in Love with Me

A Personal Journey & Guide

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Finding Your Passion

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