Let's Go on the Journey Together

Career & Life Coaching

A Journey to Discover: You, Your Passions, Your Purpose & The Difference You Want to Make in This World.

Imagine Living What You Love in Your Career and Life in 2021

  • Living With Confidence and Believing In Yourself
  • Feeling: Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement and Passion
  • Having Clarity and Direction
  • Having A Life Filled With What Matters Most To You

But Wait...You May Be Saying - "I've Tried Everything and Still...

  • I Feel - Lost, Frustrated, Confused & Overwhelmed 
  • I Have The Pieces of What I Love, But Can't Put it Together
  • I Lack The Confidence To Go After My Dreams
  • I Know Things Need to Change, But Don't Know Where To Start

You Are Not Alone in Feeling This Way 

100's of others had received the support with:

  • Falling In Love With You
  • Gaining Confidence In Who You Are
  • Believing In You and Your Dreams
  • Clarity of What You Want To Create In All Areas Of Your Life and Career
  • Tools and Strategies To Help You Live Your Dreams

I deeply care about each person I work with and everything we do together is tailored to you and your journey. I am here walking side-by-side with you as a guide, facilitator, personal cheerleader, and strategist. This is one of the most exciting journeys that you can go to discover you and what you love and the difference you want to make.  It can also be one of the most challenging, and why’s that?  

This journey will push you out of your comfort zone, bring up your stuff, and will challenge what you believe is possible. I am here by your side to help you break through those limitations and get to the other side to create a life that is filled with more passion, purpose, meaning, joy and fulfillment.  You are worth it and deserve your dreams coming true.

Just Like Kristen, You Can Get Clear on What You Love

She was experiencing everything that I shared - overwhelm, burn out, stuck, and felt, very, very lost.  In fact, she would break down in tears for our first several sessions of working together.  What helped her get through this phase, to the clarity of what she wanted to create, in her life and career was - love.   

"I was burned out after 25+ years in the same industry. I decided to take some time off for a "pause & reset". With Marcy's help, I was able to focus on what I valued most in life and how I wanted my career to fit in to that picture. "

Kristen Bryne - Principal, Bryne Communications Consulting



You know that there is something more you are meant to be doing. It's important to you to get unstuck and in-motion.

In this 30 day program, we will do some deep soul searching together to uncover your passion and purpose.  




  • 4 One Hour Sessions
  • Learn how to present yourself and your dreams through informational interviews and networking
  • Exclusive Soul Searching Process
  • Create a Career and Life Vision
  • Add Additional Months as Needed

If you are interested in exploring one of the coaching options, this free 30 Minute Consultation Call is to an opportunity for us to get to know each other to see if there is a fit for me to understand where you are and where you want to go. I am also happy answer any questions you have regarding coaching.


You are ready to take a deep dive into uncovering and living your passion and purpose and need regular support. 

In this 90 day program, you will pursue your dream career, through this proven, comprehensive process.


5,000/90 Days

  • Weekly 1 hour calls for first 90 days with unlimited email support in between sessions
  • Exclusive Soul Searching Process
  • Develop Career and Life Vision, Strategy, Milestones
  • Informational Interview and Interviewing Preparation
  • Introductions with Marcy's Exclusive Network when Applicable 
  • Branding Support - Resume, Cover Letters, LinkedIn
  • Support with Determining Career Path Options - New Job, Consulting, Other
  • Salary Negotiation Support 
  • Shared Google Docs with Session Summaries, Agenda, Tracking Systems
  • On-Call Hours In Between Sessions During Interviewing and Salary Negotiations

    Add Additional Months as Needed

A Few Happy Clients, with Happy Lives

Within a few weeks of working with Marcy, a perfect opportunity opened up, I got the interview, and they made me an offer. Marcy then greatly supported me with the salary negotiation,  helping me get the best amount."

Chandu P. Hedge

Pharmaceutical Professional

Marcy is amazingly talented - someone with the rare combination of passion, drive and intelligence, and with an amazing ability to connect with people at all levels. She's made a big difference in my life.

Ken Davenport

CEO, Mission Edge

Marcy worked her magic with her introductions to specific business leaders in her personal network. The caliber and quality of the contacts she introduced me to are exemplary and is why working with her is worth every penny.

Monetta Plassmeyer

Medical Sales, Professional

Just Like Jenny, You Can Live Your Dreams

Jenny tried to do what she loved in her career and life.  She even hired someone to look for jobs for her. Jenny stayed stuck, frustrated and lost no matter how hard she tried, so she reached out to me for help. We started in the same place - love. She got clear on how she wanted to take care of herself better and what she loved in her career and life.   

"I had grown frustrated with my job and I was feeling stuck. I hit a point where I decided something had to change. Marcy really helped me get to the root of what I wanted in a new job. Finding my unique skill set and talking to the hiring manager’s in her amazing network really helped market my skill set and build back the confidence that I had lost. So, when the right job presented itself, I was ready for it. "


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Weaving Together Your Passions, Purpose, Experience and Life Journey to Land Your Dream Career

One of my favorite things that I love supporting my clients with is finding ways to help them weave together their passions, purpose, experience and life journey so they can land their dream career.   I believe that we are all amazing and fascinating multifaceted people and our lives and our careers can be so much fulfilling when we bring all of who we are to both. So what does that look like:

Clarity/Soul Searching

First, it is so important to do some soul searching and really get clear on how do you want all areas of your life to look.  I believe that our career is only one part of our lives and it needs to work in harmony with all areas of our lives. For example, something I see a lot is once people have children - the previous job may not be the right fit for them - it may not give them enough time with their children.


What I see a lot is that clients have sold themselves on the notion that they can’t do what they love. Once we dispel that myth, we start to gather all of the pieces of their passion puzzle and see how we can integrate that both into their career and other areas of their lives.


Ahhh yes, the golden nugget and from what I have found is that this is the number 1 thing that people come to me to help both uncover and live. The interesting thing is that your purpose may lie in the challenges you have experienced in life - maybe a challenging childhood, health issues or something else.  The truth is no one knows more about how to overcome these challenges than someone who has experienced them. Your purpose could be to help others overcome challenges that you experienced.  Your purpose could come from a desire to make a difference by helping to create solutions to issues in your community and in the world.


Take the parts of all of your experience to date and pull out all of the parts that you love & what you are good at.

The key is to take your findings from above and weave them together to create both your dream career and life.   One of my happiest moments is when I see that beautiful tapestry come together.  It reminds me of one of my clients who I worked with and when we did this - her tapestry distilled down to “Global Women Policy Issues in Sacramento.” Once we did this - she shared her dream with everyone she knew and guess what - someone in her network who happened to be her Mom knew someone who worked exactly in that area and opened the door for her dream job.  That is also what I found - is that the people around us want to support us - they just need to know specifically what your dream career and life looks like, so they can connect you to the right people and the right opportunities.

So now it is your time to weave together your passions, purpose, experience and life journey to live your dream career and life.

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