One of the biggest topics I discuss with clients is networking – for whatever reason – this seems to lock people up.   They go into panic – how do I do this, how do I meet people?    So often, people view networking as walking into this huge room of strangers and having to work the room.   This is not necessarily the case.   The way I see it – networking is about connecting with one person at a time – whether  that is going deeper into a conversation with someone you already know or just having a conversation with someone in your neighborhood or being at an event and just taking the time to have a conversation with one person at a time and really getting to know them.   It is in these conversations that magic happens.   I have so many stories in my own life of how magic has unfolded just by stopping to talk to someone and just being interested in learning more about who they are – that is all – no agenda, no expectation.

Here is a great story I can share.   A couple of years ago while walking around my neighborhood La Jolla in San Diego – I saw this adorable dog that I just had to pet, which led me to having a conversation with her owner.   This eventually led to me seeing them around town more and this led to a friendship and conversations about who we are and what we do.  I come to find out that this person Jason Hartman is one of the most followed podcasters in the world focusing on wealth, finance, investing and real estate.  His podcasts have over 5,000,000 downloads and listeners in 164 countries with 3000+ educational episodes.  Wow – that is amazing.  You can see more here and .  He interviews some pretty incredible people including Dan Millman of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.  And you can see it – Jason is truly living his passion and purpose.

So this conversation led to Jason being really interested in what I do as a career coach and then led to him interviewing me – which just came out – here it is

And the photo – that is Jason’s dog Coco Hartman who I hugged at any chance that I could and who has her own Facebook page :).

So I hope this inspires you to have conversations with those around you – you never know where they may lead and what magic may unfold.

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