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 "Hello! " - Marcy Morrison, Careers with Wings Founder

"I Was Looking for a New Direction in My Career"

"Marcy is amazingly talented — someone with the rare combination of passion, drive and intelligence, and with an amazing ability to connect with people at all levels. She’s made a big difference in my life.

With Marcy’s help, I found Social Venture Partners and I am now deeply involved in philanthropy in San Diego, and have found my own passion in helping the military.

Marcy is a great connector of people, and has an uncanny ability to work a room!  I can’t say enough about Marcy, I feel fortunate to have her as a colleague and, most importantly, a friend."

-Ken Davenport, CEO Mission Edge

My new job is even more perfect than I had even dared to imagine!

Marcy made the normally overwhelming and daunting process of finding a job completely manageable and more enjoyable.

Everyone needs someone to believe in your dreams but Marcy takes it three steps further by helping you not only achieve your dreams, but surpass them.”


-Lauren Hasey, Philanthropy Professional

"I Landed a Fantastic New Career in 45 Days!"

Chandu P. HedgePharmaceutical Professional

"I spent almost a year searching   for my next career opportunity,  and nothing was working.

I was suggested by a family member to seek a career coaching adviser & recommended to contact Marcy.  I did, and began worked with Marcy on a weekly, one hour phone meeting. She helped to me tailor my CV to the specific employment opportunity along with a cover letter emphasizing why I am the right person for the job, and what I bring to their table. She also assisted me in organizing my Linkedln profile. 

I followed her advice and found my dream job within a month and half! I was so thrilled and informed Marcy about my job. Of course, she was so glad to hear my success within a such short period of time after working with her. I strongly recommend to anyone if they are seeking results based career coaching."

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I Was Burned Out After 25+ Years in The Same Industry

" I hired Marcy to help me find direction at a time in my career when I was unsure if I still wanted to continue in the same field. I decided to take some time off for a "pause and reset." When we first started working together, my intention was to embark on a completely different career path. After a several sessions, we began to focus more on what I wanted my life to be like instead of what I wanted to pursue as a career.

 I was able to focus on what I valued most in life and how I wanted my career to fit into that picture. Marcy helped me gain the courage to start my own consulting company, which capitalizes on what have built throughout my career, and also allows me the freedom to have the lifestyle I want. This wouldn't happened without Marcy's guidance, compassion, & commitment to living your passion!"

Kristen Byrne

"A Tremendous Help to Me in Discovering My Direction in Life"

"I had been struggling with figuring out what I wanted to study as well as what future career that might lead into. Marcy worked with me to uncover my passions, skills, and talents and to connect these all to a college major which would lead me into my best fit career.

Marcy also shared with me many career paths which I would otherwise have never considered and which align with my skills and interests. I now have so many opportunities accessible to me from Marcy connecting me to a multitude of inspiring individuals in her network for informational interviews. 

Thanks to you, I'm entering the next chapter of my life with confidence in my purpose and in the direction I am heading."

-Katy Elkind, High School Senior

"I Needed to Seek  Out A New Career"

"I had to revise my resume and approach to interviewing. Marcy provided me insightful counsel and encouragement. I am grateful for the guidance she provided.

I would recommend her to anyone exploring or contemplating a career transition and looking for direction and purpose."

-Matt Hubbs, Education Professional

Kim Richards Photo

"What An Amazing Journey!"

Marcy has had a huge impact on my almost three-year journey developing a career I’m passionate about. Her energy and excitement is inspiring. She truly cares for her clients, and from day one she has been one of my biggest supporters.

Since first meeting Marcy, I’ve built a much stronger network in San Diego and now have my own PR consulting business that is allowing me to explore my passion for the arts, science and education.  Without a doubt, the first call you should make if you’re struggling to find your passion in your career is to Marcy."

Kim Richards - Education, PR 

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