She Helped Me Re-Discover The Thing That I Am Most Passionate About.

"Marcy recently helped me with my job transition and I feel lucky to have had her guidance. Her technical tips were very helpful (I even received compliments on my cover letter from folks I was interviewing with) and her interview tips helped me to have confidence in talking about my past accomplishments without feeling like I was bragging.

Additionally, she helped me re-discover the thing that I am most passionate about - helping people through philanthropic support. I would highly recommend Marcy's amazing skills to anyone!"

-Amy Harmon,  Director of Giving Berea College, Lexington Kentucky

Danielle Barcelo, MA 

Marriage and Family Therapist

Denver, Colorado

"Wow, from The Moment We First Spoke, I Knew I Was in Good Hands!"

She was very kind, genuine, and I could hear her passion for what she does. I feel Marcy was dedicated to helping me with my new career path, and she also was very personable when we spoke. I could tell she cared about me as a person. I feel very grateful to have connected with her.

I received plenty of valuable resources that I'm still using, and helped me find what I wanted to focus on for each of our phone calls. I'm applying for jobs now, and feel very confident.

Feng Gao

Data Engineer

Redwood City, CA

"Marcy Helped and Coached Me Tremendously During a Critical Point of Career Transition."

She is compassionate, knowledgeable and encouraging. She helped me with immediate actions and tactics, and she also provided a lasting impact to my spirit. I am eternally grateful for her help, and I recommend her strongly.

Supriya Iyer

Supply Chain and Operational Excellence

San Francisco, CA

"Thanks to Her, I Have Landed My Dream Job, in My Dream Organization!"

Being relatively new to Silicon Valley, it was a fantastic help to have a great executive coach like Marcy on my side. Marcy was absolutely fantastic in providing appropriate guidance, coaching, access to resources and most importantly reminding me to focus on my true north - my dream job.

Having regular conversations with her was instrumental in building a targeted search plan and executing on the same. Marcy's experience, empathy, creativity and partnership is unparalleled and I am really grateful for her support. In the process, Marcy has also become a good friend, a respected professional and a life coach.  

"She Was A Great Encouragement During My Transition, 

Offering Tips and Strategy, Yet Also Allowing Me to Lead The Way."

I met Marcy and quickly knew that I wanted to work with her, quickly seeing her passion for and knowledge of coaching people through career transition. Marcy is genuine and authentic, enthusiastic and truly cares about her clients. 

The soul searching questions she came up with did a great deal in helping me discover and stay focused on what I want. I would recommend Marcy to anyone who wants an experienced career coach who is truly passionate about people, and any company she would like to be part of

-Megan Mays, Marketing Manager, Microsoft, Redmond, Washington

"She Was Able To Reach Out Through Her Network and Connect Me With Industry Professionals That Understood My Value."

Through these connections, I took on a role that was a "perfect fit" for my Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. In my new role as Quality Manager at a brand new, Stanford Research Institute backed, technology startup I am able to directly contribute to the growth, success and development of a very interesting technical service that improves the operational capabilities and mission success of the warfighter.

Marcy is very passionate about her profession and our industry. She is also well connected, professional and can spot areas you my have overlooked in your career search. She's also very kind and a great listener.

"She Helped Me Craft a Narrative and Zero-In On Prioritizing Career and Life Goals."

I had the incredibly lucky and fruitful opportunity to work with Marcy while she was mentoring and coaching me through growing my career. Beyond being such a wealth of tactical knowledge, she's an inspiring coach who challenges new thinking. 

Aaron Norstad 

Technical Project Manager, Walt Disney Imagineering , Anaheim, CA

Beau Bressler 

Financial Analysts,

Washington D.C

"I Landed a Job Through Her Introductions After Only Working With Her For a Month." 

Marcy supported me during a difficult job search. She taught me how to network, helped me improve my resume, cover letter, and self-presentation skills, and helped me clarify how I want my career to look. Marcy goes the extra-mile for her clients, and deeply cares about her clients' success. I highly recommend her.

Carla Ruiz-Velasco

Multi Lingual Professional

San Diego, CA

"Learning All That I Did On My Own Would Have Probably Taken Me Years."

Thanks to Marcy's expertise, guidance, and community connections, it took me only months.  She brings her wisdom from a diverse career path, insights, business savvy, emotional intelligence, support, and a comprehensive knowledge of the international industry landscape -- especially in San Diego. I discovered Marcy is also very knowledgeable of different industries and trends in San Diego as well as around the world. I'm grateful to have learned about different companies, organizations, events, volunteer opportunities, networking groups, and to have met the wonderful like-minded professionals she introduced me to.

"I Achieved Clarity Quickly and The Confidence to Not Stay Stuck and Settle For What Was Just Familiar, But Follow My Heart and Go After My True Passions!"

Marcy's obvious passion for people and wanting to make a positive difference in their lives was what prompted me to reach out to her. As a recent transplant to the San Diego area I wanted to get connected with the local community, and strategically establish and expand my local network, as I was also considering a possible career change but didn't quite know how to navigate that on my own – especially in a new town. Marcy was a vital resource for both! 

She has a deep and diverse network of other wonderful, like-minded, people in the area and was invaluable in connecting with me with the right people and resources to help plant the seeds and establish a foothold in my community. In just the 3 short months I worked with her, I was able to re-establish my passions, (many of which had been lying dormant for years), clarify my professional and personal goals and, along with helping me refine my own set of talents and tools, gain a new-found confidence to go after them! I now have a clearer career path in front of me - am even taking the first steps towards starting my own business - and am well set-up to take my once vague hopes and distant "someday" dreams and translate them into a tangible reality in the very near future! Thanks to Marcy, 

As an added bonus, I think I'll have a new friend for life as well! If you are looking to simply kick-start your career, or want to completely over-haul your life and take a leap in an entirely new direction, Marcy is the perfect person to pilot you through that transition!

"With Marcy's Help I Was Able To Ace My First Interview To The Point That The Employer Was Ready To Hire Me That Day!"

Marcy uses a very effective process to learn about you as her client, and with that Knowledge she is able to help tailor a custom fit job search strategy to target your dream position.  Marcy has a passion for bringing out the best in a person, which effortlessly translates into a more confident interviewing experience. I highly recommend meeting with her to as it will help your career growth