Careers with Wings is a unique approach developed by President and Founder Marcy Morrison that provides you with the freedom to truly do what you love to do, what you are good at doing and combine that with how you can make the biggest impact with your role in making a difference in the world. Passion + Purpose = World Change. With this formula at the core, you will wake up with energy and enthusiasm every day loving what you do knowing that you are making a difference.


Marcy sees each person as a multi-faceted puzzle and when the pieces are put together and celebrated – the magic can happen – where people love what they do and can make the biggest impact – making not only their lives wonderful but those lives that they affect wonderful as well – that includes families, friends, communities and strangers. People are not meant to be put into a box but are meant to be celebrated for their uniqueness and their incredible gifts that they are meant to be shared with the world.


Careers with Wings and Children with Wings were developed from both Marcy’s Passion and Purpose and her desire to create Passion + Purpose = World Change. Marcy created Careers with Wings from walking herself through the steps that she takes clients through and asking herself how could she best leverage what she loves to do with her strengths to make the biggest difference and also asked herself what is it that she loves to do that she would do for free – helping others find a career they were passionate about was the answer that came. She had also heard on Oprah – if you want to tap into your passion – ask yourself what is the best way you can serve others and careers again was the answer. Another important component to this story was what she also tells clients – your career path must also be in alignment with where you are in life and Marcy realized that as a Mom of two young boys, she wanted to create something that would allow her the flexibility and freedom to be a Mom.