A Journey to Discover 

Your Passion & Purpose

Imagine Living What You Love

Living With Confidence and Believing in Yourself
Feeling: Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement & Passion
Having Clarity & Direction
Having A Life Filled With What Matters Most to You

But I've Tried Everything and Still I Feel...

Lost, Frustrated, Confused & Overwhelmed
I Have The Pieces of What I Love, But Can't Put it Together
Lack The Confidence To Go After My Dreams
I Know Things Need to Change, But Don't Know Where To Start

You're Not Alone In Feeling This Way. 

Hundreds of Others, just like you, Receive All This With Careers with Wings Coaching. 

Falling in Love With You
Gaining Confidence in Who You Are
Believing in Your Vision
Clarity to Create Your Dream Career & Life
Tools, Strategies  & Connections to Make It Happen

"I had grown frustrated with my job and I was feeling stuck. I hit a point where I decided something had to change. Marcy really helped me get to the root of what I wanted in a new career.

She helped me build back the confidence that I had lost by finding my unique skill-set and talking to the hiring managers in her amazing network. And, when the right job presented itself, I was ready for it!"



My Promise To You

I deeply care about each person I work with and everything we do together is tailored to you and your journey.  I am here walking side-by-side with you as a guide, facilitator, personal cheerleader, and strategist. This is one of the most exciting journeys that you can go to discover you and what you love and the difference you want to make.  It can also be one of the most challenging, and why is that?  

This journey will push you out of your comfort zone, bring up your stuff, and will challenge what you believe is possible.  I am here by your side to help you break through those limitations and get to the other side to create a life that is filled with more passion, purpose, meaning, joy and fulfillment.  You are worth it and deserve your dreams coming true.

"I was burned out after 25+ years in the same industry. I decided to take some time off for a "pause & reset". Having Marcy's help, I was able to focus on what I valued most in life and how I wanted my career to fit in to that picture. "

 Kristen Bryine - principal, bryne communications consutling


Coaching Options

There are several options for you to begin your Careers with Wings Coaching. You have options from a single call to on-going monthly coaching.

discovery session

Where You Are, Where You Want To Go - Your Passions, Purpose, Your Strengths & Interests

  • 1 Call
  • 2 Hours
  • Explore What You Want To Create 
  • Look At What's Holding You Back
  • Create An Action Plan


/1 Call

deep soul searching

30 day in-depth program, we go through a deep soul searching process together to uncover your passion and purpose

  • 4 Sessions
  • 1 Hour Each
  • Soul Searching Questionnaire
  • Resume
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Short Term, Long Term Strategy


/30 Days

dream path

 through this proven,  comprehensive process, learn powerful skills to help you throughout your life.

  • Weekly Calls
  • 1 Hour Each
  • Soul Searching Questionnaire
  • Discovery Process
  • Strategic Process
  • Implementation
  • Success Process


/30 Days


/90 Days

Happy Clients, with Happy Lives

Monetta Plassmeyer

medical sales professional

Marcy worked her magic with her introductions to specific business leaders in her personal network. The caliber and quality of the contacts she introduced me to are exemplary and is why working with her is worth every penny.

Ken Davenport

ceo, mission edge

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Chandu P. Hedge

Pharmaceutical professional

Within a few weeks of working with Marcy, a perfect opportunity opened up, I got the interview, and they made me an offer. Marcy then greatly supported me with the salary negotiation,  helping me get the best amount.

Free Consultation Call

You feel like you already have so many of the pieces of what you want in your career and life. However, you are feeling stuck and want to talk through everything with an expert career and life coach to get guidance on where you want to go.

Schedule your 20 minute Free Call.