This week was all about community.  I went to a meeting about how to come together to build communities to create support systems.  I also went to our monthly meeting for the Community Alliance for Youth Success (CAYS) where I have been on the Steering Committee for the last 2 years.  This photo is from our first Youth Success Week last January and we are currently organizing our second Youth Success Week for January 2017.   In this photo is Stedman Graham with myself, my 12 year old son Logan and fellow Steering Group member Luisa Csathy – a small microcosm of our CAYS community.   Stedman and Bobbi DePorter, CEO of Quantum Learning – came together over 4 years ago and realized that schools can’t be solely responsible for ensuring youth success.  They realized that it takes a community coming together to make this happen and that is when CAYS was born.  You can see that in our CAYS meetings and during Youth Success Week – we are a team of people who know that our passion and purpose is to help youth and we all are currently doing that through our own work and are so excited to share our gifts and talents to help with the CAYS mission.    So what I mean when I say that Community is the Passion/Purpose Multiplier is that it is so inspiring to see the exponential impact that a community can make by working together to make lives better with a shared purpose and passion.

I feel so fortunate to go to the CAYS meeting every month to be surrounded by like-minded people on the same mission.  It allows me to live my passion and purpose to help youth live their own passion and purpose in such a deeper, more fulfilling, more impactful, more connected way.

I see that a connection to community is often such a key component missing in the lives of many of the clients that work with.  I encourage them to find out where they want to get involved in and help out in their community.   In fact, in a meeting with a potential client this week – he shared with me that he was feeling unfulfilled in his life.   What I realized when digging deeper into what brings him happiness – is that it really stemmed from him feeling connected to his community.  So often, it isn’t the job or the home or any material items that are going to make us happy – it comes through connections with others – by being part of something greater than ourselves as Bobbi said CAYS is in our last meeting.  And here is the amazing thing – when we are doing something that is bigger than ourselves and that is truly authentically connected to our passion and purpose- magical things do happen – doors open and opportunities present themselves in such a bigger and better way than we ever imagine.

Where can you connect to your community and multiply your passion and purpose?

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