I see this pattern all the time when supporting clients with living their dreams.

They start off super hopeful about creating a life and career that they want.

And then they started doubting that it’s even possible and often want to give up. I continue to hold the space for them in these dark moments and let them know that their dreams are possible and that it is often darkest before the dawn.

When they get to this space, I encourage them to take a break and stop pushing so hard.

In this break, I see a transition happen from letting go of the old ways of being and doing things and a space is created to allow in believing in themselves and that their dreams can come true.

From the darkness, dawn does come. Opportunities that match what they REALLY want to create begin to appear and so often even better than what they could have imagined.

So if you’re in that darkness on that bridge of transition to creating a career and life that you really want…take a break and sit still and allow the new dawn to come in.

Photo: A heart lake taken on my hike on the dawning of a new day this weekend in Del Dios Highlands Nature Preserve, San Diego, California πŸŒ„πŸ’›πŸŒŸ

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About the Author Marcy Morrison

Marcy Morrison is a career/life coach with her company Careers with Wings where she has helped 100’s of people uncover and live their passion and purpose over the last 13 years.Β  Marcy also co-founded Passion Purpose Academy with her husband Eric, where they support high school students at the San Pasqual Native American Reservation Education Department in San Diego with their career and life journey.

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