Last Thursday, I spoke with Stedman Graham and Steve Farber to business leaders in San Diego about the Community Alliance for Youth Success’s Leadership Success Day/Youth Success Week we are holding January 30-February 4, 2017 in Oceanside, California in conjunction with the Oceanside Unified School District/Oceanside Promise. As I sat there and looked at the flyer to promote the three of us speaking at Leadership Success Day and seeing how we are bringing together the business community and youth to help support youth in being successful – I thought to myself – dreams really do come true.

In 2006, I worked with a life coach and saw that my purpose here is to give children wings (Children with Wings) to rise above poverty. I knew that I would not do this alone. I later saw that my business focusing on giving people wings to live their dreams (Careers with Wings) would be how I would help youth rise above poverty. By youth having a clear focus on who they are, what they love, what they are good at combined with their purpose/the difference they want to make in the world – they are able to have a path out of poverty with their Passion + Purpose = World Change Formula.

So, not only am I living my own Passion + Purpose = World Change formula as a Steering Committee Member for the last 2 ½ years for the Community Alliance for Youth Success – I am now joining two world renowned speakers and authors to help youth in a big way by combining our messages/expertise/wisdom of identity, extreme leadership, passion, purpose, and world change.

What stood out to me as I shared my part speaking to business leaders is how I have been doing most of work speaking to these two groups separately – one part of my work to business leaders/adults and the other part to youth.  What I saw in that moment was a bridge and how we are now bringing together youth and adults to create youth success. And what I can see is how the youth also will play a major role in inspiring adults, because how often as adults do we lose ourselves in a roles as parents or in our work and we forget to laugh, play, have fun and experience the world through the eyes of childlike wonder and honestly just enjoy the moment or our lives in general – kids can help us remember how to do that.

I see a bright future ahead through what we are doing with the Community Alliance for Youth Success and I saw it even more clearly last Thursday – so stay tuned as this pilot program in San Diego serves as a beacon of hope as it spreads its wings to be a nationwide model for youth success. My dream came true and is continuing to come even truer in a bigger way – I believe that your dream can come true too.

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