I am so fortunate to serve as a Global Presence Ambassador with Parenting 2.0 with amazing people all over the world making a difference in young people’s lives. Two of those people are the dynamic duo brother team Matthew and Joseph Moheban in Chicago who are helping youth be leaders through their company 220 Youth Leadership. Matthew and Joseph are clearly living their Passion + Purpose = World Change formula and are helping young people do the same.  I will let Matthew and Joseph inspire you with their journey and what they do below.
What is your Passion + Purpose = World Change formula?
Our passion and purpose is empowering our youth to design their lives around passion, excitement, and fulfillment. We believe everyone on Earth has the ability to do this, regardless of their background, gender, race, ethnicity, or current circumstances. Unfortunately, things like our internal dialogue, our education, our communities, and our cultures create limiting beliefs in our heads about our potential to design and live our ideal lives. Additionally, our education system is outdated and focused so exclusively on standardized tests, and graduation and placement statistics, that students aren’t able to see the big picture of why their education and personal development matter in the grand scheme of their goals and their lives.
The purpose of our company, 220 Leadership, and our programs, is to reverse this trend by helping students become the Second-to-None (220) version of themselves. There are consistent tools and principles that the most successful people in any field used to achieve their definition of success, and while there are some great programs and coaches out there for adults, we found hardly anything that did this for our youth. We started this company to fill that gap. Why wait until we’re unhappy or unfulfilled adults to start applying these principles and taking control of our lives?
How did you uncover your passion and purpose?
We have to thank our parents for exposing us early to entrepreneurship and to what they always referred to as alternatives to the “traditional path.” While we were both originally on the traditional path (graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, working in finance and consulting in Chicago), we knew that some day we would want to start our own company. Fortunately, we got that experience early on.
Our most critical exposure happened when we came back from our first semester of college and had to get a summer job. Once again, our dad encouraged us to do something entrepreneurial instead of getting a traditional summer job. So we started a leadership camp for middle school students at our old middle school, not thinking too much of it beforehand. After running the camp successfully for two summers, we knew we had discovered our passion and purpose- empowering students to reach their full potential.
We developed our business to the point where in August 2015, at 25 and 23 years old, we left our corporate jobs to join the space we’ll be working in for the rest of our lives.
What steps did you take to live your passion and purpose?
The process we used to live our passion and purpose is the same process we use to help our students design and achieve their ultimate career, lifestyle, and relationships. We had to start by launching 220 Leadership.
Develop your long-term vision for your ideal life. For us, entrepreneurs in control of our time with an international company focused on empowering students to maximize their potential.
Tie this vision back to now by setting tangible, near-term goals. This included goals like building our business our on the side, testing our programs with students, and leaving our corporate jobs to become full-time entrepreneurs.
Identify the action steps. This included writing our business plan, developing our training process, identifying test clients, validating our program, and saving money to launch the business.
Identify your obstacles ahead of time. We knew there were various risks, including leaving promising careers, social pressure from friends and family, financially, having to work on nights and weekends.
Practice the intangibles. We knew starting this company together would take courage, collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and resilience.
Experience authentically. Nothing can replace the benefits of making decisions and taking action now to learn through authentic experience and failure.
I talk a lot about putting together the pieces of your passion puzzle to create the life of your dreams? How do you feel that you have done this?
With our vision of the life of our dreams in mind, we had three goals when we started this journey:
Live our passion everyday by empowering students and producing powerful outcomes. We discovered our passion and purpose with that middle school leadership camp, along with some amazing coaching experiences we had growing up. We knew in our ideal lives, we’d be creating a business from scratch, and working as many students as possible to have our greatest potential impact. We also knew this level of impact and fulfillment would not be possible while working another job, so we had to leave our full-time positions to make our dream an achievable goal. Lastly, we knew we had to practice what we were preaching in terms of leadership, goal-setting, personal growth and development, time management, fitness, nutrition, and wellness, to be the best possible influences for our students. So we make these things a priority every single day.
Live the benefits of entrepreneurship. In addition to the joy and excitement of starting a completely new venture, we also knew that if done the right way, we could live the benefits of entrepreneurship that many entrepreneurs fail to experience- often due to losing site of their vision, their priorities, or the reasons they wanted to start a company in the first place. For those reasons, we self-funded our company, and designed our business in a way that allows us to work from anywhere in the world, on our own schedule, with an incredibly diverse range of partners across industries, and students at many different ages with diverse backgrounds. We block time weekly for high-priority company and personal activities, and don’t schedule meetings during these times. We also do our best to protect our mornings by not scheduling meetings so that we control the first part of our day.
Inspire others to do the same. As business majors that would have preferred teaching, we understand that so many people choose their career path based on money or similar motivators other than passion, excitement, and fulfillment. We are focused on being an example that you can make a great living by sharing your passion with others and doing good for the world.
What advice do you have for others who are looking to uncover and live their passion and purpose?
Think about the limited time you have on this Earth, none of which is guaranteed, and decide how you want to spend it!
Thinking big is one of our most powerful tools. Fight your inner dialogue that tells you something is impossible, or too hard, or too unique, or that you’re not qualified to do something. The most successful people in any field are so often the ones that did not waiver from their vision, regardless of the negative internal and external influences.
Expect to make decisions from a fearful, uncertain state. It’s never going to be perfect, and you’re never going to have all the information you want.
Do not make the most important decisions of your life based on money! If you’re passionate enough, you’ll learn to become a master of your craft, create value, and find a way to generate income. You’ll also realize it doesn’t take near as much money as you think to live the life of your dreams.
Wow what an inspiring story – thank you Matthew and Joseph. If you have a great Passion + Purpose = World Change Story – please email me at marcy@careerswithwings.com and for more great stories – visit my website at www.careerswithwings.com.