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Finding Your Passion
The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career

A powerful, yet easy-to-use book that guides the reader to develop wings for their career and get on the fast track to finding their dream career.

The book share with the read how to identify their passions and strength, by empowering them with tools to market and sell themselves. In addition, to learning to strengthening their ability to trust their gut/believe in themselves, there are sections on: learning how to network, developing a support team, enhancing your current job, and creating a personalized plan for success.

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I share with you my own journey, in a deep and vulnerable way to help you have the courage to do the same – to fall in love with you. You will find powerful exercises that I have used with both myself and my clients, that will remind you, that you are amazing, you have a purpose for being here – it is time for you to fall in love with you so you can be happy and fulfilled right now and share who you are and live why you are here with the world – the world needs you to fully be and express you. Come join me on the best journey of your life.

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