I always say coaches can’t coach themselves and that goes for me too.   A few years ago going through a major transition in my own life after a divorce, I knew I needed help on my journey.   I thought about who inspires me – who is living life like I want to be living life.  The answer that came to me was Jesse Gros.  Jesse and I had met a few years before at a mutual friend’s party – called Shine Your Bright Light.  Our friend was so inspired by 8 people who she knew who shone their bright lights to make this world a better place and she wanted to bring us all together – Jesse and I were part of the group of 8.

The first thing I noticed about Jesse was his bright light and big heart and his giant passion for what he does.   He is a life coach and also the CEO of Insight Adventures – where he takes people on incredible soul searching adventures to places like Peru, Nepal, Guatemala.   I thought – I know Jesse can help me connect back to that bright light that is within me and help find and reignite the passion that I have lost in my own transition.

So began my coaching journey with Jesse.   One of the most profound things Jesse said to me is “Follow the Thread” and what he meant about this is when something lights you up – follow that thread until the end to get to the magic.   For me the main follow the thread journey with Jesse was about falling back in love with me and finding myself in this new phase of life.  So that is what I did and through that Jesse challenged me – he said Marcy I know there is this really juicy part of you that you haven’t fully expressed – what is it?  I shared with him that people often referred to me as Tinkerangel – that referred to have people saw me as this fairy that sprinkled happy dust on others and also as an angel who wrapped my arms around others to help them on their journey.  He goes – ahh yes that is it.   Through that I journaled about this part of me and my journey to falling in love with me which turned into my second book – “Falling in Love with Me:  A Personal Journey and  A Guide to Falling in Love with You.”   I am forever grateful to Jesse for helping me shine my bright light again and follow the thread back to me and find my magic.   Of course, I am so much happier because of this journey, but I also feel that it has also made me a much more compassionate person to even more deeply be able to help others in transition having walked down this road myself.  I also always incorporate this into my own coaching and encourage my clients to follow their own threads to get them to their magic.  Here is an interview that Jesse and I did about his own journey to falling in love with himself and finding and living his own passion and purpose.

So what is the thread you need to follow?  Start doing it today to lead you to the magic of finding you, falling in love with you, and discovering your passions and purpose.

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