Over 12 years ago, I was ready for the next leg of my own journey as a Mom of two young boys and I knew I didn’t want to go back to my previous job which I did love, but it required that I travel to Latin America 5 times a year. In that phase of my life, I knew I wanted to create something that allowed me the flexibility to be home with my boys and I also knew that I wanted to do something that made a difference in the world. I asked myself what difference do I want to make and I said – I know – I want to help others do what they love and help them tie that to making a difference in the world. It literally pained me to watch people going to work every day as if it were a prison sentence – uggghhh – I thought life is to short to not be happy and the world needs you to make the difference you are here to make. So I started Careers with Wings over 12 years ago with the intention to help as many people as I could uncover and live their passion and purpose and since then I am honored to have helped 100’s of people.

I started to see some patterns of why does this happen to people – why do they sell their soul for their job. This is what I found were common denominators:

  • Low Self-Esteem/Limiting Beliefs – a feeling like you aren’t good enough, don’t have the right qualifications and other factors where you feel that you can’t do what you love.
  • Lack of Clarity – no idea about what your passion and purpose is and no idea of how to get there.
  • Golden Handcuffs – you got into a lucrative career and even though you hate every second of it – you feel stuck and paralyzed thinking there is no way out and nothing out there that can match your current salary/benefits
  • Childhood – subconsciously you may be sabotaging yourself by staying in a job you hate because of messages or trauma you experienced as a child and you are still running on that tape. For example, maybe you heard growing up that no matter whatever you accomplish – you will never be enough, so you have put yourself on an endless treadmill to keep checking off the success boxes to finally prove you are enough. However, in this you have lost yourself so busy trying to do what you parents or society told you will make you a success and in this you have forgotten you, what success means to you and what makes you happy.

So how do you break yourself out of this prison sentence. Here are the steps that I have found are key that I use to support others you uncover and live your passion and purpose:

  • Clarity of your passion, purpose and how you want all areas of your life to look
  • Integrate your passion and purpose into all areas of your life
  • Believe in yourself 
  • Trust your gut
  • Surround yourself with positive mentors and support system
  • Create a short term and long term strategy to help you get to where you want to go

Check out this video from my former client Ken Davenport talking about our journey together and his process of uncovering and living his passion and purpose which led him to discovering that he wanted to take his leadership skills and tie that to making a difference in San Diego. Ken now is the CEO of Mission Edge – a nonprofit in San Diego that provides back office support to over 50 non-profits in San Diego.

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