May 5, 2020

Love Leads And Lights The Way

In times of uncertainty, it is easy to quickly default to trying to figure everything out in our heads.

While I do think using our heads is important – I also think that it is equally important to combine it with the wisdom of our heart.

I find that when I get quiet and connect to my heart to remember what I love and what is important to me – the answers I seek come to me in a much softer way and come from a place that is more in alignment with who I am and my passions and purpose.

And of course, I balance that heart wisdom I receive with my head wisdom to take the next steps on my journey.

Here is a good indicator for me to let me know that I am unbalanced… if I find myself getting cranky – I know I am too much in my head, so….

I stop.

I get quiet.

I connect to my heart and what I love and my purpose.

If you are finding yourself too much in your head and disconnected from yourself, what you love and your purpose – I highly recommend getting connected to your heart. It will light the path for where you need to go and lead you to the answers you seek.

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