I envision a world where creative, fun and play is the acceptable way of being.   Where everyone is encouraged to live their passion and purpose and in doing this we will all work together to create world change.  This world is one where there is abundance for all and a world filled with unconditional love, helping each other, collaborating and sharing, full of joy, peace, compassion, empathy, deep listening, authenticity, flow, spontaneity, freedom, simplicity, community, harmony, stillness, nature, adventure, laughter and childlike wonderment.

I have seen and lived in examples of this that have shown me that this vision is possible.  For example, I was an exchange student my last year of high school with AFS Intercultural Programs to Brisbane, Australia for a year.   This was truly a magical experience with 250 exchange students together from all over the world in Australia.  AFS’s mission is about creating world peace through cultural exchange and understanding.    To this day, I am still friends with so many of the fellow exchange students I was with and we have deep respect for each other and our cultures.  This photo is with my group of other exchange students from all over the world in Brisbane, Australia visiting the Governor – that is me front role left in white outfit.  Just in that first role – we have represented – USA, Sweden, Panama, Malaysia, Kenya, Japan, and Germany. I will always cherish this year of my life.

I feel that in the community work that I have done, especially with the Community Alliance for Youth Success (CAYS) – that I have seen this world I envision.  With CAYS, a whole community has come together – all ages and races to collaborate and work together to ensure youth success.

I was fortunate to spend 10 days in the Amazon rainforest with the indigenous people with the Pachamama Alliance and witnessed that they live life this way – I learned so much from being with them about how to create this vision I have alongside others.

So I know there is hope for this world – I know it is possible.  I am and will continue to do my part.

What do you envision for our world?

I would love to hear your thoughts – you can email me at marcy@careerswithwings.com and visit my website at www.careerswithwings.com.