Any time you receive a certificate with someone with a magic wand and a tiara – you know that it has to be magical and wonderful :).  Well as you can see in this photo – I am receiving my Ignite What’s Right Ambassador Certificate from Helice “Sparky” Bridges with her magic wand two weekends ago after a weekend long Standing Strong Together Community Building training. Wow what an honor to receive this and be a part of this training with other people committed to making this world a better place. Sparky and I have been members of the Steering Committee for the Community Alliance for Youth Success for several years and we are both fired up about making this world a better place – I feel so fortunate to be on this journey with dedicated, heart-centered people like Sparky.
Sparky is on a mission with Ignite What’s Right to honor 1 Billion People to be Honored with a “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Blue Ribbon and 1 Billion Dreams Coming True by 2020! to make a difference for this generation and all generations to come! See One Billion Dreams for more details. Sparky has created the STANDING STRONG TOGETHER Community Building Training as her way of bridging the gap between people, igniting what’s working in the world and standing on the shoulders of each person’s greatness. Soon she sees that 1 billion people will feel connected, united and expressing their appreciation, respect and love for one another.
Thank you Sparky for living your Passion + Purpose = World Change formula and for making this world a better place.
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