I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to 100 women of Illumina’s Women Leadership Network this past Wednesday. When I was first invited by the Chief of Staff/Head of Communications Karen Possemato to come and speak to this amazing group of women, I thought what can I possibly say around Passion + Purpose = World Change to this group who are already living this every day at Illumina – a company that focuses on saving people’s lives through innovative work in the areas of genomics, DNA sequencing, etc.  I was so inspired when I saw how Karen is living her own Passion + Purpose = World Change formula – she took her passion for science and combined that with her purpose of wanting to help women become leaders in science and created this Women’s Leadership Network within Illumina – Karen is clearly contributing to world change.

What I decided to focus on is how can we create the opportunity to live the lives of our dreams – to ask ourselves how do we live our passion and purpose in all areas of our lives? I shared with these women that we don’t need to have something drastic happen in our lives – a job loss, a divorce or something else life changing to give us the opportunity to hit the pause button and ask ourselves questions such as what is the legacy I want to leave and explore how can I do that in my career, in my relationships, for myself, in my community, and just in interacting with a stranger. And the best part is that we explored this in a fun and playful and interactive workshop – passion and purpose should be fun don’t you think :)?

A few big areas stood out to me that are so important for us to remember around living our passion and purpose and contributing to world change.

1)   Don’t forget to have fun and play and incorporate what you love/your passions into your work and life.  We can get so serious in life that we forget to enjoy where are right now and do what we love right now.

2)   You don’t have to be Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa or someone famous to make a difference in this world.  Start with where you are – in your work, in your community with the difference you want to make – even impacting just one person’s life makes this world a better place.

3)  Take the opportunity to hit the pause button regularly to ask yourself am I living my passion and purpose in all areas of my life and if not, how do I create the time to do that?

So how can you create more fun in your life and play more?  Whose life can you touch today?   What difference can you make in the world today?  What is your Passion + Purpose = World Change Formula?

Thank you Illumina and Karen Possemato for the opportunity to illuminate and be illuminated.

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