February 26

It’s time to do what you love and time to make the difference you are here to make.



‚ÄčThere are so many reasons why we put our dreams on hold. These are some reasons that I see from the people who come to work with me: *they feel stuck in a career path that they never really loved and aren't sure how to uncover what it is they really want to do and don't know how to get to the next step *they took a "practical" job to provide for their family or they were a stay at home parent and put their own needs/desires on hold on so long they have lost touch with themselves and what they love *they are retiring and want to do what they love and want to make a difference, but they don't know how to put it all together and the steps to take to help them live their passion and purpose. If you see yourself in any of these examples or some form of these stories. We can help - you can reach me at marcy@careerswithwings.com and learn more at www.careerswithwings.com #passion #purpose #calling #makeadifference #liveyourdreamsPhoto taken on trip to Bali.

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Marcy Morrison

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