Welcome to Your Passion + Purpose = World Change Journey

 We are so excited that you have joined us on YOUR Passion + Purpose = World Change Journey.  Marcy Morrison aka Tinkerangel and founder of Careers with Wings  will be your guide on this magical and fun Passion + Purpose = World Change Journey for you.  This has been developed from Marcy pulling the best of the best tools/tips/techniques from over 10 years of experience of helping hundreds of people uncover and live their passion and purpose and tying that to making a difference in the world.   

You'll be getting the the most powerful exercises from her two books “Falling in Love with You:  A Personal Journey and A Guide to Falling in Love with You” and “Finding Your Passion: The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career” to help support you on this journey.

In 3 Easy Journey Phases which contain short inspiring videos with Marcy and easy to fill out worksheets, you'll discover:

  •   How to Develop Your Character and Love You
  • How to Uncover Your Passion + Purpose = World Change Formula
  •   How to Take the Actions You Need to Live Your Dreams

For only $25 you can get started with Marcy, and begin your Passion + Purpose = World Change Journey by clicking the button below.


 Omar Chavez

"In order to find a hidden treasure you need a very detailed map. You also need a guide who has explored the uncharted land. That is what Marcy has done with her Purpose + Passion =  World Change Journey, where she helps find one’s true calling- a true hidden treasure. Who better than Marcy to take you under her wing? Her contagious positive energy and spirit support you through a journey that helps you uncover your own treasured purpose. Marcy and her easy to follow worksheets are key tools that help shine light on the pieces that put together what make up our genuine destined passion"  

"Marcy is one of a kind-her unique and dynamic approach to help others is positive and powerful. I have witnessed her help people connect with themselves and others to create a positive shift in their lives. I myself have gained understanding and guidance several times when I was feeling down about life or, felt stuck and needed extra support to help push forward. Marcy has a gift and perspective in supporting others that never ceases to amaze!"

 Lily Albaisa

Javier Avila

"I have known Marcy over 20 years. Marcy is a passionate, determined, energetic, hard working, committed and caring human being. She has been a good friend and mentor to me. Marcy's true passion in life is helping people achieve their dreams and develop their true potential. She has a proven record to show it. Passion and purpose are two key concepts that define Marcy in both her professional and personal life. Over the years,  Marcy has been involved in numerous charity causes and organizations especially around supporting at risk youth to live their own dreams. "  

"I was connected to Marcy several years ago while preparing to graduate from my undergraduate program. I remember feeling anxious and overwhelmed by not knowing what I’d be doing afterward. When I began to work with Marcy I instantly felt as though I was talking to an old friend. She helped me feel at ease and I valued her authenticity during that life transition. Marcy’s honest opinions and worksheets equipped me with self-insight tools that gave me confidence to go out into the working world. Eight years after having met Marcy and I continue to be amazed at Marcy’s compassion towards all individuals whose lives she comes across.  I consider Marcy a mentor and a life long friend. "

Carolina Bracamonte


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