Leveraging Your Layoff to Uncover and Live Your Passion and Purpose

Uncover What You Love

Discover Your Difference, By Mapping It Out

Take Action, To Live Your Dreams

Wooosh!  It Came In Fast Like A Storm 

Your first reaction was probably - why is this happening to me?

You planned it out all right for all these years, Heck, decades.

Then, it's feelings of anger, sadness and betrayal were probably at the forefront

However, as that storm passed and you had some time to digest and reflect…

You may be realizing

  • This career path really wasn’t working for how I want to create my life right now, which includes more freedom and flexibility to do what I love
  • I am not passionate about this type of work anymore
  • I have always wanted to do something that makes a difference, but I am not sure what that is
  • I don’t need to do this type of work anymore, since I am in a place in my career and life that I have the time, resources and desire to uncover and live my passion and purpose

You may be asking yourself

  • How can I create my next step to work into how I want to create my life?
  • How exactly do I want to create my life right now?
  • Can I do it in a different way - consulting, volunteering, building something new?
  • How do I uncover and live my passion and purpose?

You are not alone and I can help you.  I have helped 100’s of people over the last 13 years through career transitions and I know the challenges and I have seen the opportunities.

I have seen people leverage their layoff into an opportunity to live their passion and purpose and

We have created this course Journey to help you with these exact steps.  

This course includes

  • 3 quick and to-the-point videos with worksheets that will get you on the journey to

  • The course is fun and easy to complete. There's a ton of value in the 30 minutes it takes to finish.  

You'll be able to; get clear on a plan, map out the strategy, and get into action. This leads to the results you are looking for in your career and life.

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  • Uncover what they love
  • Discover the difference they are here to make
  • Take the actions they need to live a life a fulfilling life
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    DANA MOORE  //  Designer

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    MARC JACOBS  //  Business Analyst

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    MARC JACOBS  //  Author

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    Marc Jacobs

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    Julia Stone  //  Blogger

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