How to Live What You Love in Your Career & Life

Jan. 25th, 2021 - Jan 29th, 2021

9:00am PST


You missed out!

Imagine Living What You Love in Your Career and Life in 2021

  • Living With Confidence and Believing In Yourself
  • Feeling: Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement and Passion
  • Having Clarity and Direction
  • Having A Life Filled With What Matters Most To You

But Wait...You May Be Saying, "I've Tried Everything and Still...

  • I Feel - Lost, Frustrated, Confused & Overwhelmed 
  • I Have The Pieces of What I Love, But Can't Put it Together
  • I Lack The Confidence To Go After My Dreams
  • I Know Things Need to Change, But Don't Know Where To Start

Hi, I'm Marcy.

Just like you, I have had moments in my life where I have felt stuck, frustrated, lost and overwhelmed. I needed to fall in love with me, believe in myself and get clear on what I want to create in my life and career.  As your guide on your 5-Day Journey, I will be walking through the same process I went through to live what I love.

And over the last 13 years, through my business Careers with Wings, I have also been helping 100’s of people just like you go from feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck and lost to living what they love in their career and life and everyone starts at the first step of Love.

I am so excited to support you with living what you love in your life and career in 2021.

Just Like Kristen, You Can Get Clear on What You Love

She was experiencing everything that I shared - overwhelm, burn out, stuck, and felt, very, very lost.  In fact, she would break down in tears for our first several sessions of working together.  What helped her get through this phase, to the clarity of what she wanted to create, in her life and career was - love.   

"I was burned out after 25+ years in the same industry. I decided to take some time off for a "pause & reset". With Marcy's help, I was able to focus on what I valued most in life and how I wanted my career to fit in to that picture. "

Kristen Bryne - Principal, Bryne Communications Consulting

Here's What Others Say About The 5-Day Journey

Are Ready to Overcome What is Stopping You and Get Clear on How You Can Live What You Love in Your Life and Career?

Welcome to the 5-Day, Live What You Love Journey 

Love is the foundation to living your dreams. Love for yourself and what you love, while it may seem simple - it is actually quite profound.


Love gives you: confidence,  strength, clarity, direction, focus, feeling good about who you are, more belief in yourself,  and a strong foundation.  And of course, heaps of; joy, energy, enthusiasm, excitement, purpose and fulfillment, which adds to more love in all areas of your life-including your career.

Here's What We'll Be Doing Together Over The 5 Days.

Day 1

Discover What You Love in All Areas of Your Life

 And What Areas Need More Love

Day 2

Loving Yourself with Tinkerangel

 Celebrating How Amazing You Already Are

Day 3

Create Your Vision with More of What You Love

Design Your Life from a place of - Love, Confidence, and Clarity

Day 4

Map Out How To Live What You Love

Actionable Steps to Live Your Dreams in 2021

Day 5

Celebrating You & Your Dreams 

 Q&A with Marcy

So What Does This Journey Look Like?

Each day we will be meeting on a Private Facebook Group at 9am Pacific.  Once you sign up, I will be sending you all of the details.

Days 1 through 4  - I will come on live in the beginning, then have a pre-recorded video on the day’s topic, and a handout - we will be together live for 10-15 minutes.  And for sure, jump in the conversation!  Pre-recorded videos are around 10-15 minutes.

Day 5 - I will be live with you for an hour to hear about your findings and answer any of your questions .  I will also share about how we can continue this journey together to help you live your dreams in your career and life.   

In-between, I encourage you to share your findings and interact with each other on the  Live What You Love Journey Private FB Group. I will be participating with all of you as well to cheer you on, and answer your questions.

Happy People, Living What They Love

Monetta Plassmeyer


I was having a hard time making connections and quite frankly questioning what I wanted to do for work. 

 I revamped my resume, did every introspective, self-development evaluations out there and just needed someone to make sense of it and point me in the right direction. 

Marcy worked her magic with her introductions to specific business leaders in her personal network. The caliber and quality of the contacts she introduced me to were exemplary. Within 3 months after of exploring different avenues and various introductions by Marcy, I landed a fantastic career.

Feng Gao


Marcy helped and coached me tremendously during a critical point of my career transition.

She is compassionate, knowledgeable and encouraging. She helped me with immediate actions and tactics, and she also provided a lasting impact to my spirit. I am eternally grateful for her help, and I recommend her strongly.

Amy Harmon


Marcy helped me re-discover the thing that I am most passionate about - helping people through philanthropic support.

Her technical tips were very helpful and her interview tips helped me to have confidence in talking about my past accomplishments without feeling like I was bragging.

Just Like Jenny, You Can Live Your Dreams

Jenny tried to do what she loved in her career and life.  She even hired someone to look for jobs for her. Jenny stayed stuck, frustrated and lost no matter how hard she tried, so she reached out to me for help. We started in the same place - love. She got clear on how she wanted to take care of herself better and what she loved in her career and life.   

"I had grown frustrated with my job and I was feeling stuck. I hit a point where I decided something had to change… Marcy really helped me get to the root of what I wanted in a new job. Finding my unique skill set and talking to the hiring manager’s in her amazing network really helped market my skill set and build back the confidence that I had lost. So, when the right job presented itself, I was ready for it. "


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Imagine waking up each day with a life and career filled with all that you love. You deserve it - this is your time.

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