Do you know those moments when you know you are just meant to connect with people? Well Diane Forster was one of those people for me. We were set to speak on a National Association for Women Business Owners (NAWBO) plan last November 2017 and guess what the theme was – Passion and Purpose – of course :). Well as the timing would have it – I ended up with a conflict and had to be out of town and was unable to be a part of the panel. However, I kept having this feeling that I still needed to connect with Diane and so I trusted that and reached out to her. I was so inspired by her own Passion + Purpose = World Change Journey – that I asked her to please share it with all of you below – so here you go:

1) What is your Passion + Purpose = World Change formula?

Living Intentionally + Helping Women with Low Self-Worth = More Women Reinventing Themselves into Their True Power!

I am committed to seeing that 1 Billion Women who don’t know their self-worth instead discover their true divinity, power and purpose!

I believe that by living life intentionally, in every area every day, you put the focus and attention on yourself first, feeding your spirit, mind and body. That leads to bringing your best to the world. By doing so, the world gets to experience your beauty, brilliance, gifts and grace.

2) How did you uncover your passion and purpose?

I was living a life with no passion. To the outside world, it looked like I had everything. But, deep inside, I was empty and lonely. My marriage was so unhealthy, and after years of struggling through it and eventually ignoring my needs pretending they didn’t matter, I attempted suicide one night in June 2011.

That moment was one of the most pivotal moments of my life. While standing there with two bottles of pills emptied into my hand, a force hit my arm in what felt like a karate chop and knocked them to the ground. I heard a loud voice shout to me, “Diane, you are not ending your life this way! You need to go get help so that you can tell your story and help others!” I threw my hands in the air and asked to be shown the way. The next day, I reached out for help. It was on the journey back to discovering ME that my reinvention happened. I was determined to live an Extraordinary Life!!! During that time, I wrote a poem called “I HAVE TODAY.” That was another pivotal moment. When I read that poem after I had written it, I realized that it was more than a poem…it was a movement. That is what “the voice” meant that night in the bathroom back in June 2011. If I was feeling that way and could come back so strong and confident, there had to be others suffering the same way inside that I was who were looking for a guiding light to show them the way out. Now, I work every day to empower, inspire and elevate women to know they are not alone, they can do anything and they are so worthy!

My passion and purpose was revealed through my pain.

3) What steps did you take to live your passion and purpose?

I went into massive inspired action in personal development. I attended, read, listened to and absorbed everything I could. I decided I wanted an extraordinary life and was willing to do whatever I had to do to have it. I started a meditation and journaling practice that completely transformed my life. If you saw who I was just a few short years ago, you’d never guess that I would be here now, doing what I’m doing. Sometimes I look back, and I cannot believe all I’ve done in such a short time. I quit my safe, corporate job, got my twins off to college, then sold my house and all of its contents, I moved cross country from Chicago to San Diego with boxes and a dream, and I left behind a life I had known for 24 years to start over and reinvent my life completely. I knew virtually no one, but immersed myself in developing relationships and connections. I joined some networking groups, worked with a coach and mastermind group, and went deep into product development. I wrote and published a book, formed the company, created an online program, started blogging, started hosting live weekly webinars, immersed myself in training and certification, live events, conferences, hired even more coaches and experts to help me, started coaching my own clients, speaking and am developing even more products and services to support women who are stuck or in transition.

I stepped fearfully and fearlessly into the uncertain, knowing deep down, no matter what happens, the only way I’ll lose is if I quit…so I keep going.

4) I talk a lot about putting together the pieces of your passion puzzle to create the life of your dreams? How do you feel that you have done this?

It’s interesting that you use the pieces to the puzzle analogy, because I use that as well. My belief is we don’t really know how each piece is going to fit until the puzzle is all put together. The joy is in building it. Once it’s complete, we feel a moment of celebration, but then we’re ready to start building another one! That’s how I feel about passion. I have many passions…a passion for love, a passion for fun, a passion for laughter, a passion for spontaneity, a passion for cooking, a passion for writing, a passion for creating, etc. To me, passion is a FEELING, and the passion that feeds my heart the most (other than my children) is my passion to help others.

The passion puzzle is comprised of different segments. With the completion of each segment, a new one appears. That’s what makes life so interesting…the never-ending reinvention process. While I manifested the life of my dreams here in San Diego, doing what I love by helping and serving others, I realize that my desire to want and create more for them and me never ends. That’s such a good thing!

5) What advice do you have for others who are looking to uncover and live their passion and purpose?

You owe it to yourself to spend time in quiet contemplation asking yourself a series of questions:

What do I want…REALLY? Not what I think I’m supposed to want.

What is it I do that when I’m doing it, I lose all sense of time because I enjoy it so much?

If time and money were no object, what are the things I’d like to be doing?

What were the five happiest moments in my life, and what was I doing at the time?

On my 80th birthday, when I blow out the candles and reflect back on my life, what is it that I want to say I’m grateful for having experienced?

Too many of us get bogged down in the day to day minutia of life and can’t see the forest through the trees to what is truly important to us. The company is called “I Have Today” for a reason…it is all we ever have. Please don’t delay, start TODAY, figure out what makes you blissfully happy and go after it with a vengeance!

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