One of the best ways I have found to connect with myself and get answers around decisions to make and about a project that I am working on is to find time to be quiet in nature. I also found this to be a magic wand to help clients I work with as well.  So often when I start working with a client – they are lost, have lost touch with who they are and have no idea what their passion/purpose is. I encourage them to find a place that they really love in nature – it could even be their backyard, a trail, a river, a pond, sitting by an amazing tree, relaxing in the sand at the beach, whatever calls to you. I then ask that they take a journal and keep track of what comes to them and we review this in our sessions.

So many amazing things have happened for both me and my clients and others I encourage to spend time in nature. My second book “Falling in Love with Me: A Personal Journey and a Guide to Falling in Love with You” came to me in a flash while sitting on the beach when I actually clearing my mind and not thinking about anything.  I have had full sheets of poetry come to me as well while in nature.

I had a client go on a mission to play with his son a park so he could get in touch with both his son and himself and while doing this, he ended up talking to another Dad and now they are business partners. So often, we think if I just sit at my computer long enough and send out one more email or do more research that will be the magic I need for things to happen, but the amazing thing is that often that is the last thing we need to do. We actually need to walk away from the computer, unplug, go for a hike, be quiet in nature and allow the answers to come to us, to find us.  Pretend like you a kid again while out in nature and remember what it is like to look at the world through kid’s eyes from a place of wonder. I do this every day – I hike in nature every morning.  This photo is of me connecting to nature in a tree in such a magnificent place in San Diego called Cedar Creek Falls.  So I encourage you to connect with yourself in nature every day – I promise you – you will be amazed of what you will uncover and discover about you, your direction and the answers you will receive :).

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