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February 29, 2020

Passion + Purpose = World Change

My partner Eric Mowrey and I are on a Passion + Purpose = World Change mission, with both of our companies, Careers With Wings and Passion Purpose Academy.

We feel called to help humanity and this planet by supporting both adults and youth uncover and live their passion and purpose and help them discover what the difference is that they are here to make. Our belief is that when we do what we love - we are happier and that affects us positively as individuals and then everyone around us. We also believe that collectively we can all come together and do our part to solve the issues we see in our community, our country and the world - whatever that issue is that is important to you - youth, education, healthcare, environment, and so many others.

What do you love and what difference are you making or do you want to make? Join us on our mission - careerswithwings.com or passionpurposeacademy.com

Together we can make this world a better place.

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