I love connecting with like minded people who are also on a mission to help as many people connect with their purpose to help make this world a better place.  Through my quest to find others like me, I was led to Brandon Peele.  Brandon is an inspiration on many levels including his vision to bring together a group of us from all over the world  to see how we can all collaborate together around purpose to help others and this world – we are called the Global Purpose Leaders.  I asked Brandon to share more about who he is and the amazing journey he is on – see below :)….

1) What is your Passion + Purpose = World Change formula: Purpose + Integrity = Leader who create a world that works. I believe this is an all hands on deck moment for our species. We’re in a ecological, social, economic and political freefall, and it is not for want of solutions, tech or policy, but purpose-driven leadership. When leaders know their soul’s purpose, they have velocity and direction. More importantly, because it is indeed their soul that is commanding them to lead (not their ego’s desire for power / wealth), they have access to the requisite grit to be unstoppable. High-integrity, purpose-driven leaders are what we need most right now.

2) How did you uncover your passion and purpose? Initially it was working with Jonathan Gustin, now the Founder of the Purpose Guides Institute. We worked together for 6 months in 2011 and it was the most pivotal time of my life! I got clear on all my voices of resistance, and uncovered new soul information. This empowered me to quit my job and launch a company that sold purpose-driven products all over the world. I had another purpose breakthrough a year later when I realized I had become a Purpose Guide. My friends and family asked me to guide them and I found it was the most fulfilling and powerful work I had ever done. I wound down my company with my business partner, got trained and certified and officially hung my shingle as a Purpose Guide in 2014. You can do deeper into the 10 aspects of my purpose here.

3) What steps did you take to live your passion and purpose? I changed my whole life! After turning on as a Purpose Guide, I did a number of leadership and purpose trainings, launched an online purpose program, wrote a book and am now, with you, am a co-leader of the Global Purpose Movement. I also started doing yoga, lost 20 pounds, got engaged and hired a business coach, book editor and assistant.

4) I talk a lot about putting together the pieces of your passion puzzle to create the life of your dreams? How do you feel that you have done this? For me, writing, speaking and teaching are central. I love doing them and empowering people to discover and live their purpose.

5) What advice do you have for others who are looking to uncover and live their passion and purpose? Do it now! It’s literally the only thing you should be concerned with after you pay your rent. I say this because I am in love with the power of my own purpose, but it’s also backed up tons of evidence, suggesting you’re 50% more likely to become a leaders, 64% more likely to be fulfilled at work, 4x as likely to be engaged and 2x as likely to learn something new at work. The research also show you can live up to 7 years longer and experience 31% more love in your life. Check out the research here: http://ScienceOfPurpose.org. If you’re ready to jump in and build your legendary career of purpose and impact, please reach out to Brandon via his website: http://BrandonPeele.com

Wow – that is inspiring – thank you Brandon.  If you have a fabulous Passion + Purpose = World Change story to share – feel free to email me at marcy@careerswithwings.com and also for more inspiration – visit my website at www.careerswithwings.com.