Last week I wrote about Falling in Love with You and a big part of that is remembering the blessing that you are. Here are some simple tips of how to do that taken from my book “Falling in Love with Me: A Personal Journey and A Guide to Falling in Love with You.”

*Journal of all you do each day – celebrate you!!

*Create a celebration board – all of the things that you are so proud of that you have accomplished in your life

*Create a gratitude board – everything about yourself that you are grateful for right now

*Write a love letter to yourself – what do you love about yourself. So often, we are so good about telling others what we love about them, but forget to tell ourselves what we love about ourselves

*Presence – remember to stay present and grounded in each moment with yourself and whoever you are with. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

A special thanks to my dear friend Ketut Sunama ( and Fine Art Bali, Indonesia for allowing us to use his painting in the graphic for this post. I bought this painting from him while in Bali and I felt that it was perfect image for remembering the blessing of who you are.

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