What really is a Thought Leader? I found myself asking myself this question after having been told that I am a Thought Leader by Stedman Graham and many others. What is my responsibility to the world as a Thought Leader? What am I a Thought Leader on? What I came to realize is that all I need to be is me and who is me – I am someone that deeply cares about helping others uncover and live their passion and purpose – to go after their dreams, so they are happy and make this world a happier place. I am also someone that who has had the courage to go against and question the traditional path to live my own dreams, passion and purpose and I know that has served as an inspiration to others to do the same. I ve had to overcome many obstacles in my life as many of us have and I use my lessons learned and wisdom gained from these moments to help others on their path from a deeply kind, compassionate, high integrity, loving, authentic and strategic place. Being a leader to me is someone who inspires, helps, facilitates others on their journey and who actively lives the wisdom that they share with others. Hmm more to come as I ponder how to share my message with the world and inspire you to go after your dreams.

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