It has been amazing to watch my friend Vivi Francis create and live her Passion + Purpose = World Change formula – I will have her share with you her incredible journey and how it led her to her formula below.
1) What is your Passion + Purpose = World Change formula
My passion is creating art. Since I was a little girl, I enjoyed hours of painting and designing. I also enjoyed painting prayers and affirmations on my own walls at home, in my kid’s room, and also in furniture. I love connecting to positive messages integrated into my living environment. 
My purpose is to design home textiles with affirmations, prayers, and uplifting messages, so people can connect to positive ideas and affirmations in the intimacy of their own home.
I strongly believe, and research has proved it, that our environment impacts our behavior. If we surround ourselves with positive and uplifting ideas, and messages, with time, the repetition of positive messages starts to integrate unconsciously into our behavior. A practice of self-affirmation also helps us perform better in challenging times, as we have been preparing ourselves to respond as our best self.
2) How did you uncover your passion and purpose?
In 2006 I had to confront one of the hardest situations a mother could endure, my daughters were abducted from me and taken overseas to live with their father. For years, I was involved in a litigation process over my divorce and daughter’s custody. It took five years until I was able to see and be with my daughters for a short time and six years until they were able to come back to the US and live with me. 
During the six hardest years of my life when I was separated from my daughters, being surrounded with uplifting messages, prayers and affirmations helped me find the everyday strength I would need to keep going. I had a prayer written on the wall of my room, and every day before waking up I would read it many times. It became my mantra, my default response, my to go thought. I held on to my prayer and it gave me hope to keep going and thinking one day I was going to have my girls back.
Since I was away from my girls, I used to imagine I was wrapping them with words of love and blessings. I use to think they were sleeping in my love. I imagined making pillowcases for them in which I would express the immense love I had for them and they could rest on it. 
That’s how PilloveTalk was born. I had the idea to write love words, prayers, and affirmations on pillowcases. To express love to others, and also to provide words of encouragements, hope, and affirmation.
3) What steps did you take to live your passion and purpose? 
For many years this was just an idea. I actually went back to school and got an MA degree specialized in conflict resolution. I started to work at the University of San Diego and it seemed that my dream for PilloveTalk was not possible. I had no space in my life to work on that.
Despite that all the things in my life seemed to be going in the opposite direction of PilloveTalk, the idea continued to haunt me every day. I would talk to my friends and co-workers about this crazy idea I had to create home textiles and goods that had positive and uplifting words, prayers and affirmations. 
I started to take small steps towards my dream. I enrolled and finished a course on sewing, in order to understand the process to manufacture my pillowcases. I started to take designing classes to update myself with the latest design software. I visited industry trade shows and fairs. I took small business classes to understand what it would take to make things happen. I started to make samples and have feedback from friends and family. I created a survey to ask a large group of friends about my first samples. I started to become educated in an industry and doing something I didn’t have any experience with.
When my knowledge and ideas overpassed the limited time I had during weekends and nights to work on this project I decided to take the next step to work on my dream idea full time and leave my job.
In order to have the courage to quit my job, I took a workshop to release fear and limitations. I was certain of my next steps but I was still holding a lot of fear, so finding the help I needed was key to keeping moving. Before quitting I ensure I had enough resources to pay for all my basic bills and expenses for the next years. 
4) I talk a lot about putting together the pieces of your passion puzzle to create the life of your dreams? How do you feel that you have done this?
Having a startup and following your passion and purpose is certainly a challenging road. There will be days of self-doubt and insecurity about the future, and there will be high points were you feel you are conquering the world. It’s a rollercoaster ride, and the only thing that will keep you going is being connected to the why. To your purpose. To the dream of creating something of value for other human beings. To the love, you feel in your heart when you are working on that special gift only you can give to the world.
5) What advice do you have for others who are looking to uncover and live their passion and purpose?
What I realized in my own life, is that our passion and purpose is so natural and innate to us that we just see it as something normal. We have done it always very intuitively that sometimes we can’t recognize it in ourselves. People will notice our gifts more than we notice because it’s just normal for us. 
My advice to find your passion is to ask yourself what is it that puts you in the zone, where time disappears and you find yourself connected and happy doing something. Finding your sweet spot is finding your passion or one of your passions. Passion will give you happiness, a temporary delicious happiness that will push you to do it again.
Purpose is something greater than you, is basically your gift to the world and humanity. When you are connected to your life purpose you will experience a steady happiness that feeds your soul and energizes you to keep going, keep trying, keep making things better, keep being persistent in delivering your gift to the world. Your purpose is being revealed to you as you grow and move in life. Maybe as a result of a life difficulty as it was revealed to me. Or maybe because you find yourself being very good at doing something you love. 
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