I love what I do. I get to work with, be with, interact with some of the most inspiring and amazing people making a difference in the world.  This was the case last week when I had the opportunity to do a Passion + Purpose = World Change workshop with 100 Moms/Patroness of National Charity League in San Diego. I love this organization where Moms and daughters work together to do charity work – as their tagline says “Moms and Daughters Serving Communities Together.” I also love that they bring in speakers like me to help both Moms and daughters be their best selves and live their best lives. 
A few years ago, I did a workshop with Moms and daughters together for National Charity League and a surprising finding from the workshop was that the daughters were actually clearer on who they are and what they are passionate about and the difference they want to make in the world.  I know from being a Mom/active member of my community myself – it is easy as adult/parent to loose ourselves in being parents, giving back to our community, being a spouse, in our work – we can forget what we love to do and to take time for ourselves.
So that was a big theme of my workshop with the Moms in National Charity League was just this – to stop hit the pause button and ask ourselves – who are we, what do we love and what legacy do we want to leave.  I loved how one Mom said – I never really thought about how I am really in a race to finish everything and that I honestly forget to enjoy the journey – so today helped remind me how important to slow down and enjoy the journey.
What I realize working with successful/accomplished people like all of these Moms in National Charity League – is that it really isn’t about checking off one more success box – it is about the simple things – to be present, to be grateful, to celebrate everything we do throughout the day, to love ourselves, to take the time to do what we love. Our legacy doesn’t have to be some grandiose vision – it can be simple that we lived life and loved ourselves/others to the fullest and we did the best we could each day. We just lost a member from our community who left us early – at 44 years old – what she did is leave a legacy like this and reminded us to live a life well-lived.
What legacy do you want to leave? Wishing you a life well-lived.
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