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Friday, October 18, 2019

Super excited to be on a fantastic panel supporting UCSD and the UC Alumni! Homecoming!

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September 24th, 2019

 Wow! What an honor to be a Woman of the Year finalist, for this year's San Diego Magazine's Celebrating Women Awards


"What An Event, Transformational!"  

The audience was captivated by each person’s story and erupted with volcanic applause in a huge display of encouragement, celebration, and support.  This transformational event planted a seed of greatness and potentiality in every person who attended. 

“Thank you very much for your dynamic and heartfelt Passion + Purpose = World Change presentation last week at our “Leadership Success Day” as part of this year’s Youth Success Week here in Oceanside, CA.

Margaret Malek Project Specialist for Career Development, Oceanside Unified School District

Marcy provided a very special platform for hundreds of students, teachers, and business members who were able to identify the unique gifts they have and how they can use those gifts to make this world a better place.  A fire was ignited in the souls of the participants as they courageously shared their passions and purpose.  

Her core messages about the importance of finding your passion, living a purpose-filled life, and getting clear about your vision were a perfect fit for our event theme this year of “Mission I’m Possible” and really supported our students in believing in themselves.


Speaking and Workshop Topics  //  1 Hour, 1/2 Day, Weekend, On-Going Training

Passion+Purpose=World Change

This interactive, inspiring and fun workshop takes participants on a journey to uncover what they love, put together the pieces of their passion puzzle, and discover the difference they want to make. Participants are then grouped by purpose areas and together they collaborate to see how they can make a bigger impact in this world together. This workshop has been a huge hit with Chamber of Purpose San Diego, California State University San Marcos, Just in Time for Foster Youth, events and many more.

Living Your Passion and ​Purpose in All Aspects of Your Life

Participants are invited to do some deep soul searching exercises to help them uncover their passion and purpose.  They also create a vision of how they want all areas of their lives to look when filled with their passion and purpose.   Participants then develop a strategic map to ensure they take they need to take to help make their dreams come true . Partnering is encouraged in this workshop to help set up accountability partners.  This workshop is popular among corporations including Qualcomm and Illumina.

PLAY! Discover your Passion and Purpose with Tinkerangel

If you are looking to bring some fun and play to your organization, event or company - this is the workshop for you.   Based on Careers with Wings Founder’s own character Tinkerangel who is a part of her second book “Falling in Love with Me:  A Personal Journey and A Guide for Falling in Love with You.” Marcy aka Tinkerangel knows we can all take ourselves too seriously and when we take the time to play - our creativity opens up and our vision for our career and life can expand.   In this workshop - everyone becomes a character and from this place they uncover their passion and purpose and a vision for how they want their career and life to look. We’ve had a lot of fun doing this workshop at places like Just in Time for Foster Youth and Illumina and other groups, organizations, companies and events.

“The event was incredibly well received and feedback was awesome!”

“Marcy spoke to my executive women’s group WealthChoice Community regarding how to uncover and live your passion and purpose in all areas of your life. Marcy presents her material in a way that truly resonates with women. She is positive, upbeat, authentic, and engages the group well. Not only did the attendees loved her as a  speaker, but they loved how she brought the group together in meaningful, supportive conversation.”

Bridget Grimes /President WealthChoice, Inc.

“The level of enthusiasm, gave event attendees valuable insights into creating change in their lives.” 

“Beyond sharing inspirational stories, Marcy provided a worksheet with thought-provoking questions to encourage engagement and follow-through. Marcy has a welcoming spirit and her ideas are relatable, actionable, and inspiring — which are foundational characteristics of an outstanding career coach. Marcy’s uplifting, easygoing style is welcoming for anyone looking to find their passion.”

Leslie Reily /SDSU College of Extended Studies

“The audience unlocked what they love to do, with what’s needed in the marketplace, by aligning their strengths and vision.”

“I had the pleasure of presenting with Marcy at San Diego State University’s Professional Development class, and also as a main stage presenter for my RiseUp! Women’s Conference. Marcy’s approach to unlocking your passion to find your perfect career path resonated powerfully with our participants. Marcy has a warm, approachable style that really helped each person explore the exciting possibilities for their future.”

Annette Gregg /Rise Up Women's Conference

Vanessa Davis /Just in Time for Foster Youth

“The experience was truly AMAZING! The young ladies opened up about their passions & dreams.”

“Women empowering other women is something I am very passionate about so it goes without saying that I was immediately drawn to Marcy Morrison. I invited Marcy to present on Finding Your Voice and PassionHer energy, passion, and ambition are contagious. She really goes above and beyond to meet her clients where they are. Marcy recently facilitated a workshop for the young women’s professional development group that I work with, Career Horizons, through Just In Time for Foster Youth.

Marcy took the time to speak to each lady individually, and give her insight on how to make her dreams a reality. It was truly remarkable to witness. Thank you Marcy for walking in your purpose and inspiring others to walk in theirs. I can’t wait until the next time!”

“Marcy knows how to engage each individual in a fun way to dig deeper into their great purpose!”

Tanya Johnson /Formerly with Junior Achievement, San Diego

"The workshop provided an opportunity to discover and explore ways in which we can leverage each other’s passions and strengths."

“Marcy’s workshop added an incredible amount of value to our team members, propelling each of us to hone our passion and purpose in this world. 

Her enthusiasm, empathy, insight, and overall compassion created a wonderful experience that yielded a number of unique “aha” moments. Marcy has truly contributed to our individual and collective journeys of personal and professional growth.”

Alicia Quinn / Program Manager, Mission Edge

​"Our women found her inspirational and she engaged them with her creative exercises and light-spirited nature to explore their true selves and find their inspiration."

Karen Possemato /Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications, Illumina

"I’ve watched our students sit mesmerized by her powerful message as they reflected on their own passion and purpose and how they personally will impact changing the world."

Duane Coleman / Past Superintendent, Oceanside Unified School District

​“I was amazed at her talent for taking us through the exercises detailed in her book Finding Your Passion: The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career, they are simple to execute, and yield strong results.”

Tina Campbell /Past President of Junior League, San Diego 

"I was proud that we had so many members share, which always facilitates growth and camaraderie within the group."

Thank you for a very enjoyable presentation for our NCL chapter. We felt that your personal story and life mission was very inspirational. Your candid and sincere style as appreciate and the exercises, even with our short amount of time was thought provoking. 

Megan Heine / President, National Charity League, San Diego Chapter

“She knew just how to inspire the youth to think about the critical things in life and how to approach their future career through a purpose driven lens. ”

 With her infectious energy and guiding hand, she was a big hit with the high schoolers and impressed me as a seasoned coach who anybody would be lucky to spend a couple of hours (or more) with. It could change your life in ways you might not imagine!  

Uli Heine /Sr. Dir. of Engagement, Project Concern International

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