I am not sure if there is anything more powerful than spreading kindness, love and compassion to make this world a better place. When I came across this sign in the photo “Spread Kindness Around Like Confetti” on one of my hikes up a mountain where I live in San Diego – I did a happy dance and said Yes.  I am always deeply touched when people share their kindness, love and compassion with me and every day I look for ways to do this – including deeply listening to an 8 year girl yesterday at a birthday party who was sharing with me her passion for writing books about yourself/lessons in life. I was deeply listening because I was like Wow – she is amazing for being that deep at 8 – she is making this world a better place.  You could see how touched she was that I took the time to listen to her with kindness and celebrate her awesomeness – that makes me happy.  I also do this with people closest to me – my own kids, my partner, my family, people in my community.  All you have to do is look around and you can see many opportunities to spread kindness around like confetti :).

I started thinking – how can I make an acronym out of Kindness and here is what I came up with :).

K – onnection – yes I know Connection is spelled with a “C”, but let’s have fun. Kindness offers us the opportunity to have a deeper “K”onnection with others.
I – nterested. When we are interested in others and take the time to listen to them – this is a form of kindness.
N – ice. Taking the time to be nice to each other. To slow down, to say hi, to ask others how they are doing and how we can love and suppor them.
D –o. Do random acts of kindness everyday. I love people that come up with cute things like write kindness notes on hearts and hand them to strangers. What kind of fun act of kindness can you think of today?
N – est. Create a loving nest – a soft, loving and nuturing place for someone to land when they need support.
E – xcitment. Be generally excited for others – cheer them and their dreams on.
S – mile. Take the time to smile at someone – it is amazing how uplifting this can be for others – you can change someone’s day for the better with a smile :).
S – hare. Continue to share kindness, love and compassion every day with everyone in your life including the strangers you meet on the street. 

Together we can make this world a better place via KINDNESS :).

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