Here Are Some Stories of Marcy’s Clients Who Have Uncovered

& Are Living Their Passion & Purpose

“Marcy recently helped me with my job transition and I feel lucky to have had her guidance.”

“Her technical tips were very helpful (I even received compliments on my cover letter from folks I was interviewing with) and her interview tips helped me to have confidence in talking about my past accomplishments without feeling like I was bragging.
she helped me re-discover the thing that I am most passionate about and that’s helping people through philanthropic support. I would highly recommend Marcy’s amazing skills to anyone.”

Amy Harmon

Vice President of Development, San Diego State University

“Everything she does is infused with incredible positive energy and passion  which she passes on to everyone around her.”

“Marcy is one of the most incredible people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, let alone work with. She has helped keep me motivated along all of the unexpected twists and turns until I finally found my dream job.

Everything she says is 100% accurate, and the job I finally found is even more perfect than I had even dared to imagine. Marcy is a rare gem, with an uncanny ability for connecting with people. She always knew exactly what to say or do in any given moment. She made the normally overwhelming and daunting process of finding a job completely manageable and more enjoyable. Everyone needs someone to believe in your dreams but Marcy takes it three steps further by helping you not only achieve your dreams, but surpass them.”

Lauren Hasey

“Being relatively new to Silicon Valley, it was a fantastic help to have a great executive coach like Marcy on my side. Marcy was absolutely fantastic in providing appropriate guidance, coaching, access to resources and most importantly reminding me to focus on my true north – My Dream Job!” – SP

“Marcy is one-of-a-kind. She embodies the perfect mix of empathy, smarts and knowledge to tweak you and your career to the level that you deeply need and desire. She will take the time to know you, train with you and suggest options that you may have not thought of yet. She will help amplify and reveal a better, authentic “you” to potential managers or peers. Marcy cares and it shows. Happy coaching with Marcy!”  -NT

Marcy was incredibly helpful during my career transition. She got me organized and helped me strategize how to get from “here” to the elusive “there” of my dream career.

She truly is a connector and has introduced me to people both professional and personally, creating mutually beneficial relationships. What I was most impressed with was Marcy’s stick-to-itiveness. She regularly checked-in on me and gave me new ideas, new avenues to explore. I could tell she was passionately invested in my success.

I feel very lucky to know Marcy and would recommend her to anyone looking to make a career change.

Casey McGrath

Solar Industry/Finance

Marcy is amazingly talented — someone with the rare combination of passion, drive and intelligence, and with an amazing ability to connect with people at all levels. She’s made a big difference in my life.

I went to Marcy when I was trying to find a new direction for my career, and with Marcy’s help, I found Social Venture Partners. I am now deeply involved in philanthropy in San Diego, and have found my own passion in helping the military. Marcy is a great connector of people, and has an uncanny ability to work a room! I recently introduced Marcy to the Armed Services YMCA at Camp Pendleton, and she has already made a huge impact on the organization’s presence in San Diego. I can’t say enough about Marcy — I feel fortunate to have her as a colleague and, most importantly, a friend.

Ken Davenport

Chief Executive Officer, Mission Edge San Diego

Marcy has had a huge impact on my almost three-year journey developing a career I’m passionate about. Her energy and excitement is inspiring. She truly cares for her clients, and from day one she has been one of my biggest supporters.

Since first meeting Marcy, I’ve built a much stronger network in San Diego and now have my own PR consulting business that is allowing me to explore my passion for the arts, science and education. What an amazing journey! Without a doubt, the first call you should make if you’re struggling to find your passion in your career is to Marcy.

Kim Richards

STEAM/STEM Public Relations

“I knew I wasn’t happy in my current field but didn’t know    how to make a change.”

I first met Marcy in February 2013 when I was unemployed and had just recently moved to San Diego where I didn’t have a lot of business connections (almost none). I felt completely lost.

Enter Marcy. She sat me down, talked me through my fears and dreams and ultimately helped pull out my passions/strengths that I had not considered before. She also set up many networking opportunities to help me foster relationships with people that would maybe be able to help (it’s all about connections) and to just get some momentum going.

She’s very personable, smart, passionate, well connected in the community, intuitive, caring and really has your best interest at heart. Through her networking contacts, I was able to make a connection that led me to finding a job that I really like, which is completely different from what I was doing before, and I thank her for that.

If you’re feeling lost in your career, just graduated college, or in a rut. Marcy is your gal. Thank you, Marcy, for all you do.”

Kelly Murphy


“I worked with Marcy on developing a strategy to further my career to the next level.”

“Marcy was my coach when my current position was eliminated  and was looking for a new internal or external job opportunity. Due to Marcy’s coaching, I was able to land a new position within a month. I found Marcy’s unique style of

Her advice was consistently on point and insightful. With her advisement I was able to progress to the next level of my career. I recommend her wholeheartedly for career guidance and as an adviser. “

Eric Held

Finance/Real Estate


 “Thanks to Marcy, I have landed my dream job in my dream organizationsation.”

“Having regular conversations with her was instrumental in building a targeted search plan and executing on the same. Marcy’s experience, empathy, creativity and partnership is unparalleled and I am really grateful for her support. In the process, Marcy has also become a respected professional a life coach, and good friend.   -EJ

“I was part of a RIF exercise at my previous company that I worked at for 20 years. I was devastated and so emotional. I felt lost and didn’t know how to get back on track with my career. I finally had the courage to make that 1 phone call and it was the best phone call ever! 

Marcy was a Godsend! She took the time to get to know me first and what I was going thru. She was very understanding and respected my feelings. She was a breath of fresh air for me. She was always so positive, supportive, and very encouraging. She helped me with everything! She helped me find my passion and what was important to me. She connected me with an incredible resume writer, guided my first steps in the networking world, gave me tips and help me prepare for phone interviews, in person interviews, directed me to sites for additional information, and the list goes on.

Most importantly, she made me realize that I shouldn’t settle for anything. I realized how valuable I am and what a great asset I would be for the next company I work for. Marcy brought out the best in me, boosted my self-esteem, and I went out there with confidence knowing I will find that right company for me. I sure did!

Thank you for everything Marcy. I enjoyed and always looked forward to our conference calls. You are an Amazing person and I am so very Blessed to have you by my side during that emotional time in my life.

I HIGHLY recommend Marcy as a career coach.”

“Marcy was my coach when my current position was eliminated  and was looking for a new internal or external job opportunity. Due to Marcy’s coaching, I was able to land a new position within a month.

I found Marcy’s unique style of integrating career coaching with life coaching very refreshing since they are both highly interconnected.

She also emphasized volunteering for causes I care to give back to community and make this world a better place.

The support and coaching I received from Marcy will be invaluable to me for years to come! I will high recommend Marcy for coaching whether it is personal, career or life in general. “


“Marcy has been a wonderful addition to my life, because she has taught me many new avenues for life. She is Very passionate about her work and shares her real life experiences. Marcy has provided me with many new books that are associated with her Life Coach program. The books are all conducive to healing and growing as a person. We had appointments in nature at parks and also by the beach to realize the beauty that this world has.

I will highly recommend Marcy to anybody who is lost and needs to find their way in life. Her reputation is outstanding and once you meet her and spend time with her the results will prove for themselves. I will forever be grateful to Marcy for her time and listening to me and giving me advice. Our experiences together have been very valuable and I know she is worth every penny.  Thank you Marcy.

Justin McEntee

Recovery Centers