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May 12, 2020

The Bean Counter – A Client’s Story

Seeing my clients live their passion and purpose and being a part of their journey while we work together, and after makes my heart so happy.

My former client Lily is an accountant turned jewelry maker and called her company The Bead Counter, as a twist on Bean Counter.

I love it.

Today I received two of her masterpieces that I love so much that I am wearing in this photo…owl earrings (perfect since I love owls) and the chevron necklace.

The big smile I have is because it brings me so much joy to know Lily is doing what she loves and it brings me so much joy to wear her jewelry that I love.

Lily’s passion is her jewelry and her purpose is to bring joy to others through her jewelry. Check out her masterful passionate creative pieces at https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheBeadCounter.

I wish for everyone do what the love and the opportunity to make the difference they are here to make🦉💛🌞🌟 #purpose #passion #jewelry

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