Forget Retirement, Now is The Time to Discover Your Passion and Purpose

Maybe you were planning on retiring soon, but the current situation on our planet, is pulling on you hard.  And you might be saying to yourself - "My retirement looks completely different now, maybe I'm here to do something totally new."   Yet...

You don't know what difference you are meant to make.

You don't know how to tie it to what you love doing and your strengths.

And, you don't know how to put it into action.

Not to worry, we have a solution for you.  In this Free Video Series, you will find a step-by-step process to quickly get clear and into motion on this next you. The 3 video set walks you through a proven method in blending your heart, and smarts, so you can produce meaningful, real results - quickly.  

After taking this video course you will be clear on your:

  • Video 1: Passion - Put together the pieces of what you love and your strengths. Yes, this is an important piece for you to find out the right place for you to focus
  • Video 2: Purpose - Uncover the difference you want to make - we will help you figure out where you feel most called to help. This is all about purpose leadership.
  • Video 3: Action - Help you map out a strategic plan, so you can, put this all into action. Including, how to find others to connect to, and collaborate with.

And Why Is This Important?

You are going to have more energy, enthusiasm, and passion. Your life will be much more fulfilling, while everything improves, including the relationships with those closest to you.

You are going to feel successful and confident, with a happy heart, knowing that you are combining your gifts, and talents to help others.

You and like minded people can increase the impact you make together. 

 Shaylynn Robinson   

Director, Partner Fulfillment

I Loved The Next Your Course!

When I was let go from my place of employment, due to COVID19, a former colleague and mentor recommended that I take Marcy's - The Next You, video course. This series encouraged me to step back from previous career experience and deep dive into what ultimate career fulfillment would look like, for me.

After watching each video, I would meditate on the content, soul search, and journey my findings. I am so grateful that I was introduced to Marcy, and her passion, purpose work. This course brought me clarity on where I want to be and gave the tools needed to take those next steps. I now have a strategy on how to create the lifestyle I want - A purposeful life that will help others.

Now is The Time to Leverage All of Your Wisdom and Leadership

I created this video series that comes with easy to use worksheets, so you can, discover - what you love, your strengths and the difference you want to make. As well as, how to get into action. 

Don’t hesitate, the time is now!

What Others Are Saying

I Was Looking for a New Direction in My Career and Life.

I had been successful with tech startups, and while the financial success was great, there was something missing. I worked with Marcy for several months to discover what was most important to me, and what impact I wanted to make. She is amazingly talented - someone with the rare combination of: passion, drive, intelligence, and a natural ability to connect with people at all levels. 

Ken Davenport

CEO, Mission Edge

A Deep Dive into What I'm Truly Interested In. 

 I was quite frankly questioning what I wanted to do for work.  I tried landing something for two years on my own, and this was the main reason I knew I needed support.  I did every introspective, self-development evaluation out there, and just needed someone to make sense of it and show me opportunities I was not aware of. Marcy helped me get pointed in the right direction, and after exploring different avenues & various introductions, I landed a fantastic career!

Monetta Plassmeyer

Medical Device Professional

My name is Marcy Morrison, and guess what? I am living my own Passion and Purpose.  

Yes, it is true, I went through this same journey just as you are seeking to go on.

So I asked myself the same questions I will be asking you - How do I put together the pieces of all I love? How do I leverage my experience and what is my purpose/the difference I want to make? 

What came to me is how much I love helping others do the same.  What I realized is how much I love strategy - I mean my Master’s is in International Management from the School of Global Policy and Strategy from the University of California San Diego.  :) 

I also love making connections for people to help them find like minded people to collaborate and partner with to increase the impact they can make. Since starting Careers with Wings over 13 years ago, I've have the great fortune of having supported 100’s of people, just like you uncover and live their passion and purpose. I know it is helping people find  happiness, and I know together we are all doing our part to solve some of the biggest problems facing humanity and this planet. 

Here is what I have seen - I served on the front line of economic downturn starting in 2008 assisting layoffs and helping people in transition - while this seemed catastrophic and in many ways it was - I also saw people transformed to remember what is most important to them, I saw people awaken to wanting to do something that had meaning/purpose and help others, I saw people radically change their lives and paths to create a life they loved in all areas.  

This is now your time - your call to action. When I started Careers with Wings, I knew that this helping others do what they love and tie that to making a difference was important, however, now I know that this is imperative. I am here to inspire leaders, like you to take action and in fact, I am stepping up my own leadership and my own calling into the highest gear - the truth is, we all have to. 

P.S. This is go time - Let’s do this! I'm here to support you.

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