I just returned from an amazing trip to Arizona to Sedona, Monument Valley, and Window Rock. I love this photo of me in bliss standing in the grandeur of Monument Valley. I had so many opportunities on this journey to be in bliss and to truly enjoy each moment. What we all know is that is really isn’t the destination that brings us bliss – it is what is within in us that brings us bliss – it is a choice in each moment to be in bliss and to get in touch with the bliss inside of us.
So how do we find bliss in each day?  We find the time to do what brings us bliss and we find bliss in the simple things – making dinner, driving somewhere, just being with those we love, watching the sunset, watching a butterfly….
Again, an acronym came to me for BLISS:
B-eing in the moment.
L-ove. Take the time to pour love into those around you. Make choices to do something you love each day. Love yourself.
I-nspiration – find inspiration everywhere
S-atisfaction – what is great in your life right now – find the satisfaction in what you already have
S-imple – remember the simple things to find your bliss.
What are you blissful for today?
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