You honestly never know where wisdom and inspiration will come from, so I am always open to it arriving in unexpected forms.   A couple of months ago, I received an email from a group of San Diego High Tech High Senior Students working on an externship project called “The Seven Doors of Happiness.”  In this email, they invited me to serve as their mentor on their project.   Their project examines what makes people happy through looking at the Seven Doors of Happiness, which they uncovered from reading the book “Project Happiness” and from the Happiness Project Organization.   And guess what one of the doors is?  Yep you guessed it my favorite topic – Passion and Purpose.    So when they defined their project – they Googled “passion and purpose San Diego” and I popped up in the search.   They reached out to me, since they felt I would be the perfect mentor for this project.   This project caught my attention, because they are speaking my language – so how could I not say yes to being their mentor.

This incredible team of students who total Seven (hence the Seven Doors) are on a mission to interview and meet as many inspiring people and organizations that they can to uncover what makes people truly happy.  They have created an amazing website that updates their activities and findings – you have to check it out here.   They are also producing a documentary to capture interviews and their wisdom, so they can share it with as many people as they can to help others be happy.  I feel so honored to be working with this team of visionary and dedicated young people – this photo is of all of us minus one student at one of our meetings last week.

So what are the Seven Doors of Happiness?

  • Door 1: Live with passion and purpose.
  • Door 2: Pursue growth and learning.
  • Door 3: Inspire and be inspired.
  • Door 4: Take consideration of the people around you.
  • Door 5:  Do more with less, be creative and adventurous.
  • Door 6:  Community building and meaningful relationships.
  • Door 7: Deliver happiness.

Wow that is some brilliant wisdom – I am inspired by these young people making such a positive impact on the world.   Are you opening up and living in these Seven Door of Happiness in your life?   If not, how do you create more space to do so?   If you would like to share your inspiring story or your company’s or your organization’s story with this group of students – please email me at