One of the most favorite parts of my work or should I say my passion as a career coach is when I see that magic moment when people wake up and discover who they are, what they love and what is important to them.   What happens when I first start working with clients is that a lot of fear arises when the topic of self-discovery comes up.  Fear because they have lived so long in what they think is who they are and sometimes letting go of who you think you are to discover who you REALLY are – can sound daunting.   However, what I do with clients is sit with them in that fear and question their fears together with them and then change it into fun and a game.    We turn into a game of going on a treasure hunt of discovering what you really love and through this discovering who you are and what is important to you.  For example, one of my clients was an engineer originally from China and one day I asked him – what is it that you really love?  I heard silence on the other end of the line of the phone and this client getting emotional.  He said Marcy no one has ever asked me that question and I have never asked myself that question and I am 45 years old and I want to know.   Was he scared?  Yes, but we keep moving forward.   So first, we looked at what he loved and what he realized is how much he loved his daughter, so he started spending more time with her.  Through this, he got back in touch with his own childlike wonder, joy, living in the moment and really enjoying each day.   I remember the one day I called him for a coaching call and I heard all of this background noise – I asked him where he was and he began to giggle and said Marcy I am so sorry I forgot about our call today – I am in a tent with my daughter in Half Moon Bay and we are having so much fun.   I just smiled and said – please don’t worry – this is so perfect – this is exactly where you are supposed to be – enjoying your life and having fun.   So on this treasure hunt – he found a deeper connection to himself, his daughter, his wife, his community and found a job that was such a better match for him – one where he found a better balance in his life to spend more time doing what he loves including spending more time with his daughter and that allows him to be connected to his community.    I was so deeply touched when I received a recommendation from him and part of it said – Marcy has had a lasting impact on my spirit.    And  why did I have a lasting impact on his spirit – because our spirit wants us to be connected to ourselves, the people important to us, to be happy, to make a difference in other people’s lives and the world.    When will you begin your own treasure hunt and your own movement from fear to freedom?

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