Marcy Morrison aka Tinkerangel is a career and life weaver. She does this work through her company Careers with Wings. Marcy envisions a world where people live their passion and purpose and everyone works together to create world change. Marcy is the author of Finding Your Passion: The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career, a book which helps people along this path.  

After experiencing the traditional career path, Marcy discovered that this is not why she is here.  She knows that she is here to play her Tinkerangel role of sprinkling joy and happy dust on others so they can live their passion and purpose as well as wrapping her wings around others to support them on their journey.  

Marcy lives in San Diego with her two boys who she plays with as much as possible.   Originally from the Jersey Shore, Marcy considers herself a wannabe Latina. She speaks Spanish and has worked, lived and studied all over the world.    Marcy has her Master’s Degree in International Management/Latin America from the University of California, San Diego and her Bacherlor’s Degree in international affairs/Spanish from James Madison University.