December 31

Transformation – Spread your wings and fly in 2020



​Transformation. The biggest shift I see with my clients is transformation. I see clients go from low self esteem, not believing in themselves, feeling lost, not being able to land an opportunity from 1-2 years and having no clarity of their passion and purpose to: *Loving, believing in and knowing who they are *Increased confidence *Better connection to themselves, to their loved ones, to their community and the world *Clarity of and living their passion and purpose, which leads to more energy, enthusiasm, joy, and fulfillment in their lives *Landing opportunities in 30 to 45 days to 3 months *Making a difference including serving as a resource to helping current clients. If this is what you envision for yourself or someone you know in 2020, let's talk - marcy@careerswithwings.com, www.careerswithwings.com. Spread your wings and fly in 2020. #transformation #2020 #spreadyourwings #fly #passion #purpose Photo: Me in one of my favorite spots - Elfin Forest, San Diego, California.

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Marcy Morrison

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