One of my favorite things that I love supporting my clients with is finding ways to help them weave together their passions, purpose, experience and life journey so they can land their dream career. I believe that we are all amazing and fascinating multifaceted people and our lives and our careers can be so much fulfilling when we bring all of who we are to both. So what does that look like:

  • Clarity/Soul Searching: First, it is so important to do some soul searching and really get clear on how do you want all areas of your life to look. I believe that our career is only one part of our lives and it needs to work in harmony with all areas of our lives. For example, something I see a lot is once people have children – the previous job may not be the right fit for them – it may not give them enough time with their children.
  • Passions: What I see a lot is that clients have sold themselves on the notion that they can’t do what they love. Once we dispel that myth, we start to gather all of the pieces of their passion puzzle and see how we can integrate that both into their career and other areas of their lives.
  • Purpose: Ahhh yes the golden nugget and from what I have found is that this is the number 1 thing that people come to me to help both uncover and live. The interesting thing is that your purpose may lie in the challenges you have experienced in life – maybe a challenging childhood, health issues or something else. The truth is no one knows more about how to overcome these challenges than someone who has experienced them. Your purpose could be to help others overcome challenges that you experienced. Your purpose could come from a desire to make a difference by helping to create solutions to issues in your community and in the world.
  • Experience: Take the parts of all of your experience to date and pull out all of the parts that you love and what you are good at.

The key is to take your findings from above and weave them together to create both your dream career and life. One of my happiest moments is when I see that beautiful tapestry come together for clients. It reminds me of one of my clients who I worked with and when we did this – her tapestry distilled down to “Global Women Policy Issues in Sacramento.” Once we did this – she shared her dream with everyone she knew and guess what – someone in her network who happened to be her Mom knew someone who worked exactly in that area and opened the door for her dream job. That is also what I found – is that the people around us want to support us – they just need to know specifically what your dream career and life looks like, so they can connect you to the right people and the right opportunities. So now it is your time to weave together your passions, purpose, experience and life journey to live your dream career and life.

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