This past weekend I spoke at the RiseUp Women’s Conference that was designed to help women overcome challenges, get in touch with who they are, live their best lives and be their best selves.   At the conference, I shared my own journey of how I have woven my own career and life together to live my own passion and purpose to the 120 women who participated in the conference.  What I also shared is that is what I do when working with clients to help them do the same.  What I want to understand when I work with clients is:

  • What were their challenges in life?  How can these challenges potentially serve as opportunities to uncover what their passions and purpose are?
  • What is important to them in their lives?  How do they find a career that allows them to live all that is important to them and to create a career/business that fits into the life that they want?
  • What is the difference they want to make in the world?
  • What are the passionate about?  What do they love?  What are the pieces of their passion puzzle?
  • How can we take all of these pieces and weave them together and create a live filled with passion, purpose and meaning?

So what did I share about my own journey?   I shared that despite the challenges in life, as we all have encountered and continue to encounter, I chose to RiseUp just like the theme of the conference, and take the gems from the lessons in each challenge and use them to move forward on my journey in a way that continued and continues to be more and more in alignment with my passion and purpose.   Sometimes this also includes using opportunities in life to explore my passion and purpose.  Some highlights of my own journey:

  • Growing up I always dreamed of being a vet – I have a deep love for animals.  So, I originally went to college to be a vet and while I college realized I am terrible at science (not recommend for the medical field), so I dropped out.  I used this time to really think about what I loved and when I was happiest – the same thing I explore with clients.   What I realized is how much I loved when I was an exchange student my last year of high school in Australia for a year.  I loved being with the other exchange students who were from all over the world and learning about them and their culture.  I loved that many of them learned English as a second language.  This inspired me to go back to college to study International Affairs/Spanish, live/study in Spain, land my first job helping people get out of poverty in El Salvador – which I loved, get my Master’s Degree in International Management/Latin America, work/travel/study in almost every county in Latin America and many places around the world.  So this challenge turned into a great blessing that allowed me to live the first phase of my passion and purpose.
  • Another opportunity.  I was very fortunate to stay home with my two boys for 3 ½ years and during this time I had a lot of time to think about my next steps.  So I asked myself the same questions I ask my clients – what do I love to do, what comes naturally to me, what is the difference that I want to make in the world.  The answers that came to me is I thought I really want to help people do what they love and I want to create something were I don’t have to travel, so I can be here for my kids.  I realized that I naturally helped people with their careers and would regularly speak at conferences about careers.   So that is when my business was born – Careers with Wings and it is an honor to help others through this live their passion and purpose by weaving their life and career together and I am so grateful for the balance it gives me for being a Mom.

So now it is your turn.  How do you weave your life and career together to live your passion and purpose?

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