It is one thing to talk about the joy and fulfillment that someone experiences when they find and are living their passion and purpose – it is a whole other thing to actually watch someone sharing about what it FEELS like to be living their passion and purpose and making a difference in this world or living my Careers with Wings formula Passion + Purpose = World Change.

I decided it was important to capture this journey of finding and living your passion and purpose in a video interview with former client Ken Davenport who is now the Executive Director of Mission Edge – a non-profit in San Diego that provides back office support to 50 non-profits to help non-profits.  I won’t give away Ken’s story in this video, but I promise you will be inspired while watching Ken share what it was like to have no clue of what his passion was to now living his passion and purpose on such a big scale.    You can see the joy he is now experiencing by being so much happier and fulfilled by being able to contribute to making this world a better place.  Wow I love what I do :)!!  You can watch the video here.

I worked with a Master Creative Director/Videographer – Eric Mowrey of Creative Designs to create this video.  Eric did a beautiful job weaving together Ken’s journey in this video along with really capturing my deep passion I have for helping others.

What would it feel and look like for you to live your passion and purpose where you could contribute to making this world a better place?

Feel free to reach out to me at and visit my website at   If you are interested in connecting with Eric about creating a video to share your message – you can reach him at and visit his website I highly recommend Eric.