Everyone who comes to me through my business Careers with Wings and who I choose to work with are people who are committed to making a difference and living their passion and purpose. They may not know what that is when they come to me, but we work together to uncover and live their formula of Passion + Purpose = World Change. Also about 90% of the people that come to me through the outplacement work I do – say to me – I really want my next step to be tied to some that has meaning and a purpose and that makes a difference in someone’s life, the community and/or the world.

From this, I have seen that most of us are driven to make a difference. We are all here for a short time, so the key is to live without any regrets. That said, if you feel called to live your passion and purpose then stop making excuses and go after it and live it.

The truth is if you look around there are lots of problems that need to be solved including in the areas of alleviating poverty and improving education/health/the environment, etc. I honestly believe that the world needs us to live our passion and purpose and share our gifts with the world to make this world a better place.

So now the question is what does it take to uncover and live your passion and purpose? I will not lie to you – the end result is joy and fulfillment, but to do this you will have to have:

  • Courage and an adventurous spirit to go into uncharted and new territory.
  • An open heart and mind to be willing to try new methods to uncover your passion and purpose – from everything to touchy feel methods to hard core strategic and tactical methods.
  • Perseverance and resilience – blazing a new trail will mean that you will encounter obstacles, resistance and challenges. You will also run across many naysayers who will tell you that your dream is not possible.  So you will have to remain strong within yourself and committed to your vision to achieve it.
  • Patience – it takes time to uncover your passion and purpose and it also takes time to develop a road map and take the steps to get there.
  • Trust – like Joseph Campbell says in the quote above “Follow Your Bliss and Doors Will Open Where There Were No Doors Before.”   I have seen amazing things unfold for people when the align with their passion and purpose – things that we could have never seen or predicted when we started.  This can be challenging for us to trust the unknown, but in this is where the magic happens :).

I have so many great stories of clients who have taken this challenge on and have come out the other side with crystal clear clarity of their Passion + Purpose = World Change formula and are now living it. Here are some examples:

  • One client wanted to take her experience as a copywriter and website content developer to make a difference in the neurosciences arena. Why? She found her purpose from looking at her own life and having a son with cerebral palsy inspired her to want to use her skills, talents, and passion to make a difference in this area and she is.
  • Another client decided that she is really passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)/STEAM (same as before with Art) in education and realized that her purpose is to use her skills and passion for Public Relations to help catapult the STEM/STEAM message in a big way and this is what she is doing now.  She started her own PR company specifically focused on STEM/STEAM.
  • While working with another client, she realized her Passion+ Purpose= World Change equation was Global Women Policy Issues in Sacramento and by reaching out to her network, she landed her dream job in this world changing work.

So are you ready to uncover and live your passion and purpose and contribute to making this world a better place and in turn, live a much more fulfilling life? If so I’d love to hear from – you can reach me at marcy@careerswithwings.com and you can visit my website at www.careerswithwings.com.