My heart sure was singing this past Saturday facilitating a workshop for Career Horizons for Young Women for Just in Time for Foster Youth. This was my sixth year doing this workshop and this really is me living my Passion + Purpose = World Change to its fullest extent, which fills my heart with joy as shown in my beaming smile in this photo with Vanessa Davis from Just in Time and with the workshop participants in the background.
I know why I am here. I am here to help others in particular young people uncover and live their passion and purpose. And even more specific than that is to help young people who have had to uncover many challenges like these young women who I worked with this past weekend who grew up in the foster system. What I love so much about working with these young women is that they inspire me a much as I inspire them. Despite all of the challenges the have had, they are determined to live their best lives and what I love about Career Horizons is each young woman is matched with a coach to help them on their journey. They know they aren’t alone and have the love and support they need to live their dreams.
Do you know why you are? What difference are you here to make? What makes your heart sing? Who is supporting you on your journey?
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