After coaching 100’s of people over the past 12 years to help them uncover and live their passion and purpose, I have seen a lot about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to landing your dream career.  So many people reach out to me to say “hey can you just review my resume” thinking that is the golden ticket to them finding their ultimate job and the truth is that could not be more wrong.

It is not the resume that gets you your dream career.  So what is it that does? As I highlight in my published book “Finding Your Passion:  The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career” – the number one thing to finding you dream career is YOU.  What what does that mean? I have seen my clients land their dream job when I support them with gaining clarity around:

  • Discovering who they authentically are
  • Loving who they are
  • Knowing what they love and are good at
  • Being able to clearly articulate all of the above

Once that clarity comes, I then help them network including offering connections in their area of their passions within my network.   Here is when the halo effect occurs – meaning people trust me after many years of building and nurturing relationships, so when I introduce someone who I am working with to my network – their trust in me (halo) transfers to the person I am introducing them to.  I won’t introduce anyone until they are ready and we have gone through the process to get to the clarity I mentioned above and I support them in developing rock solid systems to maintain and build the relationships they create and the ones I help them create.  Often dream careers are not listed on a job board, but come through connections and often times are created to match the right person and their passions and skill sets.

Of course, the resume is important and all of that clarity that we gain only helps us pour that into the resume and other branding mechanisms like a cover letter and LinkedIn.  This clarity also helps enormously when preparing for and going to and nailing interviews. When you are clear, your confidence skyrockets.

But making the mistake thinking the resume is what is going to land you your dream career keeps people stuck and not making forward progress and often stuck in only applying to online job – which I call a death trap.   There is about a 1-10% chance of landing a job through applying online and often people spend the majority of their applying online and wondering why they can’t land any job let alone their dream job – the odds are not good.  Take the time to invest in you and get the clarity you need and the relationships you need to win your dream job. The truth is that the majority of dream jobs come from who you know and knowing who you are and what you love.   

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