I love how Master Native American Storyteller Gene Tagaban (www.storytellingraven.com) says “Your life is a story” – that is so true. I had the honor of taking Gene’s Storytelling class through the Native Wellness Institute (www.nativewellness.com) this past week and even more of an honor to be one of two non-natives in the workshop. I was serendipitously led to this class in a quest to find out what retreats/workshops are out there that include Native American wisdom as my partner Eric Mowrey (www.creativedirections.co) and I build our vision to create a passion purpose retreat center here in San Diego.  I have known for a long time that there is so much healing that can be done within ourselves, others, and the planet through Native American teachings, ceremonies and wisdom.

I also knew that through this workshop – I would be able to learn how to tell my own story and others stories in a more powerful and impactful way to live my own passion and purpose to help others uncover and live their passion and purpose and do the work that they were brought here to do during their time on this earth.

My connection to Native Americans comes before I was born and I am sure it goes back before I even know. My parents and grandparents are from Kansas and Native Americans stayed with my grandparents, my Mom and my Uncle and there was a deep connection there. My parents also lived in New Mexico and were deeply tied to Native Americans at the Taos Reservation – my father worked with a Native American from the Taos Reservation at Sandia Labs.  In New Jersey, the home where I grew up in was filled with Native American crafts and my Mom has great respect for Native Americans and their wisdom.  She made sure that she took us to the Taos Reservation to meet her friends and learn their wisdom.  She also took us to the Hopi’s land in Arizona where we spent time learning about their wisdom as well.

I have been blessed to have spent 10 days in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador with the Sarayaku and Achuar and learn from their wisdom through the Pachamama Alliance (www.pachamama.org).  I learned a lot working with a Native American Shaman Joseph White Wolf in Sedona.  I continue to be blessed to learn Native American wisdom in a recent trip to Arizona and in this photo – I am with Grace – a Navajo from Window Rock, Arizona who was just in the Storytelling class who just saw the ocean for the first time – a very special moment. And what I loved is that she loved my stories of my own journey and the many amazing adventures I have been on around the world as much as I loved hearing her stories of growing up with the beautiful Navajo traditions and ceremonies.

It is true our life is a story that is meant to be shared with others. What is your story? I would love to hear. Feel free to email me at marcy@careerswithwings.com and also feel free to visit my website www.careerswithwings.com.