You know those magic moments in life where you are living why you are here. Well that was my week this past week being a part of the Community Alliance for Youth Success’s Youth Success Week and facilitating a dialogue with Stedman Graham and Steve Farber for two Leadership Success Days with 100’s of high school/middle school students and adults around Passion, Purpose, World Change, Leadership, and Identity.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that my own Passion + Purpose = World Change formula is to help young people uncover and live their own passion and purpose and tie that to helping make this world a better place. You can read my story behind this here.

And let me tell you a big part of Youth Success Week is to give youth a voice and what inspired me is how many of these young people know who they are, what they love and the difference they want to make. Giving a youth a voice is powerful and inspiring – you can see and feel the hope for our future.

I shared my own journey and how having a challenging childhood led me to my purpose to help young people. The young people shared how their own struggles in their home, with their health, with understanding math, and other challenges – has led them to be inspired to make a contribution to help others with these challenges and follow a career path/go to college to help support living their passion and purpose. That is so often what I find in my work – that we can find our purpose from our own pain because really who can really help others in a deep, impactful and meaningful way than those of us who have had to walk the path ourselves.

So if you are struggling to find out why you are here – I invite you to look into your heart, look back over your journey – what challenges have you had to overcome and see if therein lies the golden nugget tied to your purpose.

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